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Koston on Jessup
Jessup Griptape has announced the addition of skateboard icon Eric Koston to their pro team. Here is the press release.

Press Release

2/17/09Chicago based Jessup Manufacturing is proud to announce the addition of skateboard icon Eric Koston to its pro team. Jessup Manufacturing has been producing premium skateboard specific griptape since 1975. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Koston hails from San Bernardino, California. Known for his technical wizardry and fearlessness, Koston is one of the most loved skaters of all time. Eric is currently a part of the Girl skateboard team and is also the founder of Fourstar clothing.

Eric Koston first began skateboarding at age 11. By the age of 18, Eric had stacked enough skills to turn pro, moving to San Diego to join the now legendary H-Street team in 1991. Shortly thereafter, Kostons talents were recognized by skate legend and industry icon, Natas Kaupus, who convinced Koston to move to Los Angeles and join the 101 team. On 101, Koston established himself as a leading switchstance skateboarder - pioneering such technical tricks as the nollie flip noseslide and the switch kickflip backside tailslide. Of legend, Eric Koston landed a switch 360 flip down the Embarcadero 7 during his part in 101s 1993 video, cementing himself as one of the most technically advanced skateboarders of his time. Kostons stance is goofy, but he is known for his ability to skate switch. Known for his technical skill and fearless commitment, Koston is known to create new tricks at any given moment, on the streets, or in competition. He is also known for commercializing the competitive, HORSE-derivative, game of S.K.A.T.E. Koston has won numerous skateboard contests including; X-games, Gravity Games, Slam City Jam and the notorious Tamp Pro. Koston has also been voted Skater of the Year. Koston currently rides for Girl skateboards, Lakai shoes, Fourstar clothing, and Independent trucks.

Koston had this to say about the new relationship I have been skating on Jessup grip since I was a kid, it has always been the best grip. I am stoked to be on the team.

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    Jessup Griptape has announced the addition of skateboard icon Eric Koston to their pro team. Here is the press release.


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