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Insight Team Update
Insight has welcomed Bjrn Widmark and Navid Navid to their team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

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  • Playboard #44

    Navid Navid frontside tailslide during the Swag Summer Tour 2008 in Oslo, Norway

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    Coastal Creepin - Part 2 - Creepin the coast with team riders Jamie Thomas, Dane Burman, Dan Lu and Nick Borserio comes to an end with part two
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    2011: Tour Videos
    Coastal Creepin - Part 1 - Jamie Thomas, Daniel Lutheran, Dane Burman and Nick Boserio all jumped in the van and creeped up the coast for a weekend in part one of Coastal Creepin.
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    2011: Commercials
    Swim Spring 2011 by Insight Clothing
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