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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

Skateboarding Events Norway 2008
Here is a cronological overview of the past years norwegian skateboard events month by month, including info, pictures, videos and contest results.


DC started with the DC Curb Challenge touring across the country. Other events this month included contests in Porsgrunn and Stavanger, the first Mucho Rabaldo at MegaZone, Trikkestallen Spring Cup, and the opening of Geoparken.

Mucho Rabaldo Megazone

07.04: DC Curb Challenge Kristiansand
08.04: DC Curb Challenge Stavanger
09.04: DC Curb Challenge Haugesund
10.04: DC Curb Challenge Bergen
12.04: Porsgrunn Contest
14.04: DC Curb Challenge Larvik
15.04: DC Curb Challenge Arendal
16.04: DC Curb Challenge Porsgrunn
16.04: Stavanger Best Trick
22.04: DC Curb Challenge Sarpsborg
23.04: DC Curb Challenge Trondheim
26.04: Mucho Rabaldo Megazone
26.04: Trikkestallen Spring Cup
28.04: DC Curb Challenge Kongsberg
29.04: Geoparken Opening
30.04: DC Curb Challenge Drammen


The Emerica Roadtrip 2008 went on the road to visit 7 cities in 7 days. A demo was held in Arendal. The S Game of S.K.A.T.E. qualification is held around the country. The DC Curb Challenge continued. Grillsessions were held at Moa and in Sandefjord. Waschera arranged a best trick contest at Arena Bekkestua. Turbofjla arranges Vrrull 2008 in Flateby. Another Mucho Rabaldo contest is held at Frognerparken. The S Game of S.K.A.T.E. finale was held in Oslo. The qualification for Vert NM was held at Dyani Sk8park. A demo and best trick contest was held in K-Town.

Mucho Rabaldo Line
Vert NM Qualification Pics
Vert NM Qualification Vids

01.05: Emerica Roadtrip Stavanger -
02.05: Srlandet Btmesse Demo Sarpsboarg
02.05: Emerica Roadtrip Kristiansand
03.05: S Game of SKATE Qualification
03.05: DC Curb Challenge Hamar
03.05: Emerica Roadtrip Larvik
03.05: Emerica Roadtrip Porsgrunn
04.05: Emerica Roadtrip Bekkestua
05.05: Emerica Roadtrip Trondheim
07.05: Emerica Roadtrip Bergen
08.05: Moa Grillsession lesund
10.05: Sandefjord Grillsession Sandefjord
13.05: DC Curb Challenge Strmmen
14.05: Waschera Best Trick Session Arena Bekkestua
24.05: Turbofjla Vrrull 08 Flateby Skatepark
24.05: Mucho Rabaldo Line Challenge Frognerparken
24.05: S Game of SKATE Finale
30.05: Trnsen Sommeravslutning
31.05: Vert NM Qualification
31.05: K-Town Demo+Best Trick


The Swag Summer Tour starts in Bergen, while the DC Curb Challenge ends with a DC Curb Challenge Finale at Voldslkka. Quicksilver Bowlriders makes a stop at Bromsjordet. Hundvg Open was postponed a day. Best trick contests were held at Fyka and Fysak. The Krux Kickflip qualifications were held around the country. Nordic X-Elements inluded Vert NM finals, street contest and a vert demo. 21 is Go Skateboardig Day, and events were held by DVS, Shit and Emerica, while GSF opened the new bowl. Voss Open was held in the new skatepark in Voss. The very first Fjlfest festival was held in Drammen.

Swag Summer Tour Oslo
NXE 2008 Results
NXE 2008 Photos
NXE 2008 Videos
Resisting a Rest Photage

01.06: Swag Summer Tour Bergen
03.06: Swag Summer Tour Kristiansand
05.06: Swag Summer Tour Skien
07.06: Swag Summer Tour Oslo / Mewe Miniramp Challenge
07.06: Quicksilver Bowlriders Horten
07.06: Hundvg Open 2009
13.06: Session Demo Fyka
14.06: Nordic X-Elements Bislett Stadion
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Oslo
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Strmmen
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Fredrikstad
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Sarpsborg
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Trondheim
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Haugesund
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Kristiansand
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Skien*
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Stavanger
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Sandnes
18.06: Krux Kickflip Challenge Bergen
20.06: DC Curb Challenge Voldslkka
21.06: Go Skateboarding Day
21.06: Resisting a rest
21.06: DVS Autograph Signing White Water
21.06: DVS Open Session Frognerparken
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Kristiansand
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Fredrikstad
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Trondheim
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Fagernes
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Troms
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Skien
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Bod
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Oslo
21.06: Emerica Wild in the Streets Bergen
24.06: Voss Open
27.06: Fjlfest 2008
28.06: Fjlfest 2008
29.06: Fjlfest 2008
28.06: Fysak Best Trick


DC held a session at Rdhuset in Oslo, before moving on to the new GSF bowl. Globe held a demo at Frognerparken the same day as the Alamo Miniramp Jam at Marienlyst. Holla Rips 2008 was delayed due to weather.
Oslo Games Results
DC GSF Demo 2008
Globe Demo Oslo 2008
Holla Rips 2008 Results
Holla Rips 2008 Photage
Alamo Miniramp Jam

04.07: Oslo Games
05.07: Oslo Games
13.07: DC Rdhusplassen Session
14.07: DC GSF Bowl Demo
26.07: Globe Frognerparken Demo
26.07: Holla Rips 2008
29.07: Alamo Miniramp Jam


In spite of uncertainty regarding the weather, the 20th Norwegian Championships were held at Tasta. Vox visited the GSF bowl, that also hosted the Agenda-X demo, before moving on to Larvik and Bekkestua. Bernhard Invitational 2008 was probably the most discussed contest of the year. Swag opened a new shop in Kolbotn. Swag and DC had a meet and greet and game of S.K.A.T.E. in Sandvika. The tenth Kanalsession was held in Horten and a miniramp jam on a temporary miniramp at Sandvika, before Skyensen Open ended the event month.

BSI 2008 Results
BSI 2008 Photage
Hot Moves and Hot Dogs
Agenda X Photage
Kanalsession Results
Skyensen Open
Sandvika Results

09.08: NORB NM Stavanger
10.08: NORB NM Stavanger
11.08: NORB NM Stavanger
14.08: Swag and DC Sandvika Storsenter
15.08: BSI 2008 Wildcards
16.08: BSI 2008
21.08: Vox Hot Moves and Hot Dogs
21.08: Swag Kolbotn Opening
22.08: Vox After School BBQ Larvik
22.08: Vox Night Session Bekkestua
22.08: Agenda X GSF
22.08: Kanalsession 2008
23.08: Kanalsession 2008
24.08: Kanalsession 2008
28.08: Sandvika Miniramp Jam
30.08: Skyensen Open 2008


The month kicked off with the postponed Koigen Open, Loddefjord Open and the finale of the Krux Kickflip Challenge. WeSC held at great bowl contest at GSF, Session and Globe arranged contests in Skien and kristiansand, there was another Mucho Rabaldo at Bekkestua, Flatcity Open was held in Flateby and Haugenstua reopened after the renovation.

Koigen open Results
Krux Kickflip Norway
Rock n Bowl Results
Rock n Bowl Photage
Haugenstua Reopening

05.09: Koigen Open
06.09: Koigen Open
06.09: Loddefjord Open
06.09: Krux Kickflip Challenge
07.09: Koigen Open
13.09: WeSC Rock n Bowl GSF
13.09: Session-Globe Contest Skien
14.09: Session-Globe Contest Kristiansand
14.09: Mucho Rabaldo Bekkestua
14.09: Flatcity Open
26.09: Haugenstua Reopening


DC kicked off another month with another Ti P Hall Tour, visiting indoor skateparks. Two events were held to involve local politicians, with a street contest appeal in skien and an open day to protest the closing of Nstedhallen in Drammen. Shit showed people how to skate in Stavanger. Roxy and Quicksilver Megastore opened with a game of S.K.A.T.E. in Oslo. In Troms the 50-50 Contest and Badlands Skatejam contests are held at Flyahallen before they loose part of the skatepark. Last day of the month was halloween, and halloween skate with Shit and Glexe.

Badlands Jam Results
Mucho Rabaldo Nstehallen

02.10: DC Ti P Hall Tour
03.10: DC Ti P Hall Tour
04.10: DC Ti P Hall Tour
15.10: Skien Street Contest
15.10: Nstedhallen Open Day
18.10: Learn to Skate Day Stavanger
23.10: 50-50 Contest Flyahallen
24.10: Roxy/Quicksilver Megastore Opening
24.10: Badlands Skatejam
26.10: Mucho Rabaldo Nstedhallen
31.10: Shit Halloween Skate
31.10: Glexe Halloween Skate


Swag opened with their new store in Ski, where a game of S.K.A.T.E. was held. The Shit SBTC Tour 2008 kicked kicked off, only interupted by Hst Bust at Bekkestua.
Shit SBTC Results
Hst Bust Results

13.11: Swag Ski Storsenter Opening+Contest
13.11: Shit SBTC Tour
15.11: Bekkestua Hst Bust
16.11: Shit SBTC Tour
27.11: Shit SBTC Tour
28.11: Shit SBTC Tour


The skaters in Larvik needed soundproofing, and arranged a contest to raise the money. The last contest of the year was the highly antisipated Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008 in Trondheim. The new indoor skatepark in Bod opened, while the park in Bergheim held a session before closing for christmas.

Larvik Results
X-Mas Jam Results

07.12: Larvik Soundproofing Contest
12.12: Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008
13.12: Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008
14.12: Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008
15.12: Bod Skatehall Opening
19.12: Bergheim X-Mas Session


Below are some longboard related events from 2008.

01.06: Kongen p Haugen
30.08: Tryvann Longboard Challenge
11.10: Stadt Downhill Race

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