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Larvik Skatehall was an indoor skatepark in Larvik, Norway. It is now closed.

Also known as: Larvikshallen

Larvik Skatepark Soundproofing
Today, sunday 14. december, Larvik Skateboardclub invites you to help out with soundproofing the indoor skatepark i the old firestation. Here is some more information.


Last weekend a contest was held at Larvik Skatepark to raise money for soundproofing. Click the link below for the results from the contst.

  • Larvik Soundproofing Contest Results

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    Larvik Skatehall

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    Info: Larvik Skatehall
    Map: Larvik Skatehall

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  • The Shop - Bygging i Brannstasjonen
  • 7fm - Do It Yourself!

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    Larvik Indoor Skatepark Is Closing [23/11/2009]
    A last contest and party is being arranged at the old firestation in Larvik this weekend, before it gets closed down by city. Here is some information on whats happening.

    A Day at Larvik Indoor Skatepark [17/8/2009]
    Rainy day skate at Larvik Skatehall.

    Larvik Indoor Skatepark Footage [13/7/2009]
    Here is a clip from the indoor skatepark in Larvik.


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    2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Larvik Skatehall Sound Proofing Flyer.

    2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Shit SBTC Tour 2008 Event Flyer.

    2006: Larvik Skatehall: Show Picture

    Go Fish:

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    Mamas Skateshop Superteam at Larvik Skatehall [7/6/2019]
    Mammas Skateshop superteam, Truls og Aleks in action

    Didrik Galasso at Larvik Skatehall [22/3/2019]
    AcePilot Didrik Galasso with a Full Cab on some very tight transitions.

    Bowling at Larvik Skatehall [11/2/2019]
    Line in the bowl at the indoor skatepark in Larvik, Norway.

    Go Skateboarding Day 2018 Larvik [21/6/2018]
    Go Skateboarding Day event at the indoor skatepark in Larvik.

    Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2017/2018 [26/11/2017]
    Its winter, so time to take another look at whats happening with the indoor skateparks in Norway this season.

    Thief Caught In Larvik [23/11/2017]
    The person who broke in to the indoor skatepark in Larvik has been caught by the police.

    Breakin at Larvik Skatehall [12/8/2017]
    Thieves hit the indoor skatepark in Larvik, where they vandalised and raided the kiosk.

    Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Larvik [21/6/2017]
    Best trick at the street spots, sausages and opening of the new Mario indoor park. Its Go Skateboarding Day in Larvik.

    New Obstacle at Larvik Indoor Skatepark [18/1/2017]
    Larvik Skatehall got some new stuff in the old section.

    Norwegian Skateboarding in 2016 [3/1/2017]
    Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

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    2017: Larvik Skatehall [16/6/2017]

    2017: Larvik Skatehall [22/5/2017]

    2015: Event Flyers [24/9/2016]

    2016: Larvik Skatehall [17/5/2016]

    2016: Larvik Skatehall [17/5/2016]

    2016: Larvik Skatehall [17/5/2016]

    2015: Larvik Skatehall [24/12/2015]

    2008: Event Flyers [14/12/2008]