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Kanalsession is an annual skateboard contest in Horten, Norway.

Also known as: Kanal Session / Kanalsession Bromsjordet / Kanalsession Horten

Kanalsession 10 Program
The tenth annual Kanalsession skateboard contest is to be held at Bromsjordet Skatepark, with 30.000 in prizes. Here is the program and information.


The bowl at Bromsjordet was supplemented with another bowl, connected trough as spine, for the Quicksilver contest earlier this year. The vert ramp has been repaired, and has got new support beams and new surfacing. The street course has also been updated with a new funbox and a new pyramid.


Entrance to the event costs 30 kr per day, or 50 kr for all three days. For the riders it costs 150 kr to enter one, and 200 kr to enter multiple contests.


For 50 kr you can enjoy The Apache Dnsers at Hndverkeren. Age limit is 18.


Friday 22. august:

18:00 Practice and registration.

Saturday 23. august:

Registration is open until 11:00.

11:00 Qualification street junior
14:00 Qualification street senior [15 years+]
17.00 Qualification bowl senior
18:00 Finale bowl senior
22:00 Party at Hndverkeren

Sndag 24. august:

12:00 Qualification/Finale bowl junior
13:00 Finale street junior
14:00 Vert contest
15:00 Finale street senior [15 years+]
16:00 Best trick and more
16:30 Prizes

Vox Team

David Gravette, Dan Drehobl and Peter Watkins from Vox are going to be at the event.

Vox Team Visits Norway


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