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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

Norwegian Skateboard Links 2008
Here is our complete listing of skateboard links related to skateboarding in Norway. The links have all been sorted into categories for easier navigation, and the article will be updated troughout the year.

About This List

This is a listing of Norwegian skateboard links. All links lead to norwegian skateboard resources, except the "complete list" links in the bottom of each category, wich will list links in all languages.

Online Magazines

Below is a list of skateboard magazines, and other magazines covering skateboarding in Norway.


- Complete List of Online Magazines


Sadly most of the spotguides online so far this year are either outdated or have a limited coverage. For the most updated information, visit our spotguide.

Tacky: Spotguide
Rollingmag: Spotguide
7fm Skatespots

- Complete List of Spotguide Links


The shopping links will list norwegian webshops, as well as other webpages for skateshops in Norway.

2 Seasons Boardshop
Activist Webshop
Badlands Skateshop
Bernhard Sports
Bikes and Boards
Desert Punk
JeanTv Webshop
No Comply
Sports Extreme
The Shop
Whats Up
White Water

- Complete List of Shopping Links


Unfortunatly most of the skateparks do not have their own webpage. For a complete listing of skateparks, bowls, ramps and other spots in Norway, visit our spotguide.

Arena Bekkestua
Bergen Skate og Sandhall
Bruparken Skatepark
Det Gule Huset Skatepark, Oslo [Det Gule Huset Fritidsklubb]
Flateby Skatepark, Flateby [Turbofjla Skateboardklubb]
Huset Skatepark, Molde [Huset Ungdomsklubb]
Kaihuset Skatepark, rstad [Kaihuset Ungdomsklubb]
Nstedhallen, Drammen
Rud Rampland, Sandvika [Brumungdommens Motorsenter]
Samsen Skatepark, Sandnes [Samsen Ungdomsklubb]
Shit Skatepark, Sandnes
Srlihavna Skatepark, Lrenskog [Srlihavna Motorsenter]
Trikkestallen, Trondheim

- Complete List of Skatepark Links


NORB - Norsk Organisasjon for RulleBrett

Oslo Skate Organisasjon
Oslo Snowboard og Skateboard Klubb
Bod Skateklubb
Turbofjla [enebakk]
VSK Skateklubb [moss?]
Troms Brettklubb


- Complete List of Organisations Links


Lars Gart
ystein Kvanneid

- Complete List of People Links


Opus Skateboards

Draven Shoes

Response Distribution

- Complete List of Company Links


Nettby - Skateboard

- Complete List of Community Links

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    Below are the latest related articles. See the full list of articles for more related news and updates.

    Kitsch Norwegian Premier [19/9/2019]
    Kitsch, the first full length from Passport is premiering in Oslo on Friday 20. September, 2019.

    Gol Skatepark Opening [19/9/2019]
    The new skatepark in Gol is being officially opened on 20. September, 2019.

    Full Part: Kevin Bkkel Higher Power [12/9/2019]
    A savage Norwegian metal soundtrack is the perfect pairing for an absolute lunatic on urethane. Baekkel is out for blood. Get the hell out of his way.


    Watch the latest related videos below, or go to the full collection of videos.

    2016: Interviews
    Chad Muska Skate Warehouse Interview
    Play This Video

    2017: Skateboard Parts
    Boo Johnsons Life & Times Part
    Play This Video

    2017: Skateboard Movies
    Iron 2.0 from Lukas Olsen
    Play This Video


    Below are the latest related images. See the full image collection for more photos.

    2019: Betongpark Gol: Show Picture
    Plans for the new concrete skatepark in Gol.

    2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Slurpen skatepark opening poster.

    2019: Event Flyers: Show Picture
    Fredrikstad Poster.

    Go Fish:

    Below are articles that might be related, just not properly connected yet.

    Macba Back To The 4 Results and Footage [28/5/2018]
    Volcom joined forces with @macbalife to help its vision become reality: putting back the 4th block at MACBAs legendary Big4 spot for an event celebrating skateboarding history, and giving the opportunity to the new generation to add some tricks to the already long ABD list.

    Isbitarna Open 2017 B:Aurora Footage [10/12/2017]
    B:Aurora team riders Eugenia Ginepro and Tonje Pedersen skates the Isbitarna Open contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Countries With Growing Skate Scenes [9/10/2017]
    Mpora lists the 10 countries with the fastest growing skateboard scene.

    CNN On West Bank Skateboarding [3/10/2017]
    CNN has a story on the SkateQilya summer camp in the West Bank town of Qalqilya.

    Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Surabaya #4 Footage [29/7/2017]
    Video from Go Skate Day in Surabaya.

    Brooklyn Banks Update [15/4/2017]
    Lately skaters have been sneaking in and skating the Banks again, but police have been kicking skaters out every day since is not officially opened yet.

    Go Skateboarding Day 2016 Monument Footage [27/6/2016]
    On Go Skateboarding Day the Monument Skateboard crew headed out to Jtt for a fun session.

    Tjme Skate Galla 2016 Insta Footage [23/6/2016]
    Here is a collection of Tjme Skate Galla 2016 pictures and videos from Instagram.

    Red Bull Bomb The Line 2016 [11/3/2016]
    Red Bull Bomb The Line is coming to London, Royal Albert Hall, 28-29 May 2016.

    Evan Smiths Time Trap Part [15/1/2016]
    Beyond the fact that he can do extraordinary things on his board, the best part about Evans approach is that its 100% unique. His style, creativity, and talent are a blessing to the world of skateboarding. Thank you, Evan!

    Below are pictures that might be related, just not properly connected yet.

    2019: Advertisments [26/6/2019]

    2019: Advertisments [26/6/2019]

    2019: Advertisments [26/6/2019]

    2019: Advertisments [26/6/2019]

    2019: Advertisments [26/6/2019]

    2019: Event Flyers [21/6/2019]

    2019: Event Flyers [21/6/2019]

    2019: Event Flyers [21/6/2019]

    2019: Event Flyers [20/6/2019]

    2019: Event Flyers [20/6/2019]