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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

Animals in Norway
In a small country located in Scandinavia, North Europe, the Norwegian people love animals. Some likes to hunt them, while others would like to save endangered species. The domesticated breeds of animals that they proudly care for, have gained wide popularity arround the world.

Norway's Nature

In Norways beautiful but ruff nature there is hiding wild animals in all variations. The rapidly changing whether makes living conditions tuff for animals. There are four seasons a year, with long, snowy winters and the midnight sun above the arctic circle in the summer.

The climate is mild, considering that about one third of the country stretches above the Arctic Circle, due to the effects of the Gulf Stream and its extension: the North Atlantic Drift.

There are many different biomes in Norway, from rocky shores, old forests, open tundras, wetland areas, city areas, too mountains or islands, and thats just above the waterline.

In the Ocean

In the dept of the sea, there is another world to discover.Seawolf

Huge steams of Atlantic Cod, ugly Seawolves, and Deep Spider fishes, Common Sea Stars, Red King Crabs, Grey Seals, North Atlantic Right Whales, Harbour Porpoises and Killer Whales are all found in the waters of Norwegian coast lines.


White-tailed Eagle
To watch the magnificent White Tailed Eagle is an unforgettable memory. There are many stunning birds like Atlantic Puffins, Ptarmigans, Peregrine Falcons, Mute Swans, Eagle Owls, Grey Herons, Black Grouses and many others around in the different biomes of the country.

CarnivoresTop Carnivores

The top predators are European Brown Bears, Wolves, Eurasian Lynxes and Wolverines. Smaller carnivores like Arctic Foxes, Eurasian Badgers, Pine Martens, American Minks, European Otters and Stoats contribute to the fauna as well.

Hoofed Herbivores

Norways national animal, the Moose is king of the forest. There are many other deer species spread out in different biomes along the country; Red Deers, Rea Deers, Fallow Deers and Reindeers.
On the mountains in the Dovre region lives the endangered species Musk Ox.

Small MammalsNorway Lemming

Rodents like Wood Mice, Brown Rats, Eurasian Red Squirrels and Norwegian Lemmings are smaller mammals common in the Norwegian fauna. European Beavers, European Hedgehogs, Mountian Hares and Northern Bats are also found around in the country.

In Lakes, Rivers and Wetland Areas

The only venomous snake to watch out for is the European Adder.
Common Frogs and The Rainbow Trout are thriving in lakes and rivers all over the country.

Bugs and Creeps

Horse Ants and Mosquitoes are often a pain in the ass to us humans when out in the nature. In a typical garden you might stumble upon Grey Slugs, harmless Spiders or maybe a Bumblebee.

The Norwegian nature is in constant change, only the strongest animals do survive, but I guess its never easy to survive anywhere these times.

Norwegian Breeds

The Norwegian people appreciate good culture and their domesticated pets shows just that.
Generally pets from Norway are all naturally alert, people oriented, strong and fitted for rough conditions.


Nordlands horses were ridden by Vikings. Theyre a perfect example of an old, natural and strong breed. The two other Norwegian horse breeds are Dole horse and Fjord horse.


Every farm has it cats, but Norway only have one recognized breed of cat, the Forest cat.


Elk hounds are still used for hunting moose; which is called Elg in Norwegian. Bu hund and Lunde hund are two other spitz breeds from Norway. Halden stver, Hygen hund and Dunkers are dogs used for tracking pray for their owners.

There are a lot of other rough animal breeds from Norway, generally bred for food, clothing and working.

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