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For four days in the middle of August, the Medieval Park in Oslo is transformed into an arena for musical, visual and cross cultural performances. The festival is an energetic, symbiotic and liminal experience with a unique atmosphere and audience that bares resemblance to none other.

Also known as: yafestivalen

ya Festival 2007
It has been almost a month since the festival, so I guess it was time to get out the pictures along with some other online resources.


As usual the festival was held in Middelalderparken in Oslo, Norway, and the various stages all within walking distance of each other.

The Linup

Even with some last minute cancellations, the linup was pretty good this year. Just have a look at the program for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


NRK P3 covered the concerts at ya trough P3TV, broadcasting the concerts live on the Internet, as well as maintaining an archive of the concerts that is still available for viewing as of writing this. You will find the lnk in the bottom of this article.


Only two albums are available from this website, but the ya Photographers has made an album available from the official website. The festival allowed people to bring mobile and non professional cameras, so more pictures from the festivals should be available on the Internet also.

  • ya Thursday
  • ya Friday


    As with the pictures, lots of mobile cameras were used for filming the concerts. Below you will find a list of some of the videos available on the Internet as of writing this article.

    Architechture in Helsinki:

  • (unknown song)

    Bare Egil Band:

  • Arne


  • Atlas
  • (unknown song)


  • (unknown song)

    Jesus and Mary Chain:

  • Some Candy Talking


  • Smack My Bitch Up
  • (unknown song)

    Killing Butterflies:

  • (unknown song)

    Lady Sovereign:

  • (unknown song)

    Matt and Kim:

  • Yea Yeah

    Nine Inch Nails:

  • Closer
  • Hand that feeds


  • "Montage"

    Primal Scream:

  • Country Boy
  • (unknown song)


  • (unknown song)

    The Goo Men:

  • Shake Your Hips


  • Vicarious
  • Laeralus
  • Rosetta Stone


    Below you will find some links relevant to ya 2007.

    *) ya Festival
    *) MySpace - ya Festival
    *) P3TV - ya 2007
    *) yafestivalen - Galleri
    *) Google Maps - yafestivalen 2007

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    2009: ya Festivalen
    The Bronx delivering an insane concert in Oslo Norway (The ya Festival), most of it off-stage! Spot the vocalist!
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    2009: ya Festivalen
    Donkeyboy - Ambitions (Live @ YA 09)
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    2009: ya Festivalen
    Monotonix crowd surf, bad sound.
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    ya Skate Jam at GSF Event Flyer.

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    2007: ya Festivalen 2: Show Picture
    Pictures from ya 2007 - Friday.

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