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Neighbours is a Nordic skatevideo.

Also known as: Neighbours Skatevideo

Trailer: Neighbours
The Neighbours project is the first independent Nordic skateboard video, featuring all the best riders from Scandinavia. Go behind the scenes with the riders and see how they live life on and off the board.


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Video Part: Henning Braaten in Neighbours [23/3/2015]
Henning Braaten Neighbours Part.

Video Part: Neighbours Friends Montage [1/8/2008]
Neighbours Friends Montage

Video Part: Stefan Jacobsen in Neighbours [9/4/2007]
Stefan Jacobsens part from the Neighbours video.


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Wants Skatepark at Falck Ytters Plass [18/10/2017]
Falck Ytters Skateboardklubb is a local skateboard organisation for St Hanshaugen and Ila, that are working to allow skatebording at Falck Ytters Plass in Oslo.

Wants To Move ndalsnes Miniramp [21/6/2017]
ndalsnes wants to move the miniramp to a location where it can be reopened.

Works To Reopen Miniramp In Rauma [29/4/2017]
Rauma Skateboardklubb is working to reopen the closed miniramp in ndalsenes.

Neighbours Petition Against Fairgrounds Park Skate [7/2/2017]
Adrian Fear and Debra Parker hope a petition signed by more than 150 Milford residents will keep a proposed skate park away from Fairgrounds Park.

No Skatepark at Bler [16/1/2017]
It has been decided that no skatepark will be built at Blertomta.

More Neighbours Against Bler Skatepark [23/5/2016]
Elisabeth Larsen thinks a parkour park should be built at Bler instead of the suggested skatepark.

Neighbours Against Bler Skatepark [20/5/2016]
Helge M Kristoffersen has written a letter to the editor of Nordstrand Blad against the suggested skatepark at Nordstrand, arguing it will add to the noise in the area that is already burdened with noise from the nearby highway and subway.

Neighbours Protest Planned Skatepark In Hnefoss [17/12/2015]
The neighbours of Hnefoss Idrettspark does not want a skatepark in the area.

Ralley To Save Mt Pleasant Skatepark [27/4/2015]
As the fate of the Mount Pleasant skateboard park hangs in the balance, people in the neighbourhood are rallying to save it.

Kolbotn Skatepark Construction September 2014 [28/9/2014]
Here are some pictures from the construction of the new skatepark in Kobotn, Norway.

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