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Kevin Bkkel Pro Model Launch Footage [20/9/2018]
Kevin Baekkel Pro Model Launch Creature Skateboards Norway

Marka 2018 [20/9/2018]
New Gystadmarka Skatepark edit from Edward Knai Nilsen.

Guinness Revisits Worlds Largest Skateboard [20/9/2018]
The Los Angeles-based board was originally created in 2009 for the MTV series Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory and measures 11.15 m (35 ft 7 in) long by 2.64 m (8 ft 8 in) wide and 1.10 m (3 ft 7.5 in) tall.

Damn Am NYC 2018 Footage [20/9/2018]
Damn Am skateboarding contest new york city, LES skatepark September 2018 from extracrispynyc.

Jessheim Open 2018 Day 3 Street Footage [20/9/2018]
Jessheim Open 2018 Day 3 Street

Jessheim Open 2018 Day 2 Park Footage [20/9/2018]
Jessheim Open 2018 Day 2 Park Footage.

Damn Am 2018 NYC Bowsers iPhone Edits Footage [20/9/2018]
SPoTs house photographer tagged along on this years NYC trip and put together some raw iPhone edits from the contest and a little bit of street skating with the squad. Check it.

BATB 11 Louie Lopez vs Justin Drysen [20/9/2018]
Two-time Battle At The Berrics skater, Louie Lopez, meets first-timer Justin Drysen for the tenth match of BATB 11.

BATB 11 Scott Decenzo vs Sewa Kroetkov [20/9/2018]
Scott Decenzos previous appearance in BATB was in 2012. Today, he returns to face a champion, Sewa Kroetkov, for BATB 11.

Damn Am 2018 NYC Lucas Rabelo Footage [20/9/2018]
Lucas Rabelo only does the hardest tricks, and he put them all together in the Finals at Damn Am NYC to skate away with the win. As an added bonus hes also going straight to the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am. Yeah Brazil!

Full Video: Sir Palmer [20/9/2018]
The whole WKND crew snags some airtime, but this vid is Alex Schmidt and Trevor Thompsons time to shine. Let the residents of Sir Palmer take you on a trip down every alleyway and side street of Los Angeles with Leonard Cohen supplying the soundtrack.

Full Part: Cam Sedlick Damaged [20/9/2018]
Cam attacks the sketchiest of spots with plenty of power, disregarding bunk run-ups, cracks and all other forms of peril. We approve.

Full Part: Phil Zwijsen Further on the Road [20/9/2018]
Phil brought his blitzing approach to skateboarding Stateside, exploring some of the lesser known patches of concrete in the middle of the American expanse. This is a fantastic edit.

Episode: Skateline 18-09-2018 [20/9/2018]
Evan Smith, Nyjah Huston, King Of The Road, Daewon Song, Phil Zwijsen.

Episode: King of the Road Season 3 Webisode 10 [20/9/2018]
Fire rail insanity as the teams reach the end of the line. Zion shines and Cole gets scorched then its off to see the winners! Free worldwide. Congrats Element!

Full Part: Cody Lockwood For Creature [20/9/2018]
Creature is proud to welcome Cody Lockwood to the Horde. Codys a ripper and if you werent sure, check the part and then check your diaper.

Team Update: Tre Williams Primitive Full Part [20/9/2018]
Tre Williams welcome to Primitive Skate video part.

King of the Road Season 3 Tyson Goes Pro [20/9/2018]
KOTR is always full of surprises, but this shocker for Tyson at the finale warms the heart.

Loveletters Season 9 Episode 3 [20/9/2018]
Building a scene takes time and lots of work. For over 40 years the skaters in Atlanta have worked together to build one of the best scenes anywhere in the world. Grosso and the Love Letters crew took a trip to ATL to check out the scene.

Skaters Favorite Skater Chris Cole Episode [20/9/2018]
Chris Cole needs no introduction, but hell happily admit that he still fans out a bit when he sees his favorite skater, which is awesome. Its nice to remind ourselves that even the best skaters in the world are just normal people with heroes of their own. Take your guesses then hit play.

Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview [20/9/2018]
Shawn Hale Free Lunch Interview

Jeromy Green Skatecross POV Video [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Jeromy Green with his view on the @skatercrossevents track.

Greg Harbour at Kooktown DIY Skatepark [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Greg Harbour at the no longer standing Kooktown DIY.

Vans Park Series 2018 Malmo Amelia Brodka Footage [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Amelia Brodka warming up for the VPS Womens Europe Continental Championship in which she took 1st the other day.

Sarah Thompson at the Vans Combi [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Sarah Thompson putting in some work at #vanscombi on the Bombshells 57mm/99A wheels.

Jeromy Green Double Flip at Clairemont Skatepark [20/9/2018]
Speedlab Wheels team rider Jeromy Green double flip on the Clairemont skatepark vert ramp.

Trevor Colden Nose Manual Nollie Flip Raw Cut [20/9/2018]
Trevor Colden Nose Manual Nollie Flip Raw Cut

Trevor Colden DT LA Line Raw Cut [20/9/2018]
Trevor Colden DT LA Line Raw Cut

Trevor Colden Switch Flip 7 Flat Raw Cut [20/9/2018]
Trevor Colden Switch Flip 7 Flat Raw Cut

Kevin Bkkel Pro Model Launch In Oslo [18/9/2018]
Kevin Bkkel pro model launch in Oslo 18th September, 2018.

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