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Tampa Am 2018 Live Webstream [10/11/2018]
Tampa Am on ETN.

Karsten Kleppans Just Karsten Full Part [9/11/2018]
Straight outta Oslo, with style and speed, Karsten checks all the boxes it takes to be considered one of the best in the game. Last trick is one of the most sublime sights youll ever see.

NK Miniramp 2018 Footage #2 [9/11/2018]
NK Mini Ramp 2018 footage from On the Roll Magazine.

NK Miniramp 2018 Footage [9/11/2018]
The Netherlands has two new Dutch Champions skateboarding, Nick Bax and Keet Oldenbeuving. This year the competition was held at a very special location, the Brabant province house in Den Bosch. An impressive building in which especially for the event the Nine Yards miniramp was put out for a weekend. Check the video and photos for an impression of the day!

Exposure Skate 2018 Footage [9/11/2018]
Exposure Skate 2018 Video Recap

Jeff Grossos Love Notes on Julien Stranger [9/11/2018]
AntiHero Skateboards Julien Stranger is an enigma wrapped in a riddlehe also rips. Grosso takes 60 seconds to remind everyone how rad Julien is.

Team Update: Salomon Cardenas with Huf [9/11/2018]
HUF proudly announces Salomon Cardenas as the latest addition to its team.

NK Miniramp 2018 Results and Footage [9/11/2018]
Results and Footage from NK Miniramp 2018 at the Brabant province house in Den Bosch.

Exposure Skate 2018 Results and Footage [9/11/2018]
Exposure Skate 2018 Results.

Park Skateboarding WC 2018 Results and Footage [9/11/2018]
Park Skateboarding World Championships 2018 Results.

Primitive Instagram Remastered October 2018 [9/11/2018]
Instagram clips from October 2018.

The Best Of Kevin Braun 2016-2018 [9/11/2018]
Here is some of the best skateboarding Santa Cruz has released of Kevin Braun since joining the SC squad. Sit back and enjoy nearly 10 minutes of mind blowing awesome-ness from our newest Santa Cruz Skateboards Pro! Yeah Braun!!!

Tempe Park Halloween 2018 Footage [8/11/2018]
Is anybody in the universe having more fun on Halloween night than the crew at Tempe park? Based on this video, the answer would unequivocally be hell MFing no. Is that Donger?

BATB 11 Louie Lopez vs Ishod Wair [8/11/2018]
Ishod Wair made his Battle At The Berrics debut in 2011s BATB IV; Louie Lopezs was in 2015s BATB 8. It was inevitable that they would meet in the arena someday.

Full Video: Spoons [8/11/2018]
The British streets have a special sound and grit that was made for VX documentation. The Butter just oozes outta this edit. Bravo...

Full Video: Crossover [8/11/2018]
Crossover is a new video from Threads Idea Vacuum in Baltimore, MD.

Nyjah Huston Straight 8 Flatground Trick Challenge [8/11/2018]
Nyjah thinks back to some old go-to tricks and attempts to throw them together for this weeks straight 8 challenge. With a combo of all the varial flips and all the big spins hes able to put it down on his own home turf.

Andrea Benitez One Week In LA [8/11/2018]
Andrea Benitez came out to LA from Barcelona for her first time and this is how she spent her week!

Blaze Supply French Diplomacy [8/11/2018]
Here is a Trv edit mostly filmed in Lyon, France in about 30 days.

Tour Footage: Route One in South Africa [8/11/2018]
Early in 2018 the Route One skate team left the horrible English weather behind them in search for sunnier warm pastures. They found themselves travelling across South Africa with the intent to film as much as they could at the crazy spots South Africa had to offer.

Full Part: Stephen Lawyer FAMO [8/11/2018]
Fresh off his promotion to the pro ranks, Stephen Lawyer unleashes a part loaded with mind-bending maneuvers thatll have you pushing that rewind button again and again.

Video Part: Marse Farmer in Veer [8/11/2018]
Coming through with last part, Marse Farmer ends Veer off with a hit.

Full Part: John Dilorenzo Awake [8/11/2018]
John Dilos always stacking clips showing no sign of slowing down with his second Awake part for Venture. This time with the OG VX touch.

Video Part: James Kelch in The REAL Video (1993) [8/11/2018]
To celebrate the re-release of James Kelchs iconic first board graphic, the Flyer, Real Skateboards uploaded his classic part in The Real Video from 1993. Enjoy!

Video Part: Mason Silva in Peace [8/11/2018]
PEACE: An Element Audiovisual Project - Full Part feat. Mason Silva

Fundraiser For Haugesund Indoor Skatepark [8/11/2018]
Haugesund Skateklubb are raising money for further operation and maintanance of the indoor skatepark.

Elverum Got Pumptrack [8/11/2018]
Betongpark has laid down some concrete in Elverum.

Moose at Vse Skatepark [8/11/2018]
A moose decided to try out the bowl at Vse Skatepark in Sweden.

Badet Skatepark Torn Down [8/11/2018]
The old skatepark in Eidsvoll has been torn down, to make way for a new park to be ready in 2019.

New Skatepark Opened in Tnder [8/11/2018]
New Skatepark Opened in Tnder, Denmark.

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