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California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States.

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2016: Tour Videos
Magnolia_4134 from Marcus Vik

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Tour Footage: Roar Kolnes CaliMix [7/2/2018]
Roar Kolnes has an edit from his trips to California in 2017/2018.

Villager California Roadtrip 2017 Tour Footage [8/8/2017]
Villager Goods Founder / CEO, Josh Landan and fellow owners had the idea to take the brand on a road trip up the California coast dropping in on local skate parks to share coconut water with people in local communities. Its not often you get the most influential street skaters of all-time to jump in a van to bringing a healthy beverage to people at local skate parks from San Diego to Santa Barbara. In this new film, the owners hit six skate parks, partook in six signings at select retailers, and made memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy the journey!

Santa Clarita Skatepark The Signal Feature [27/7/2017]
The Signal has an article from Santa Clarita Skatepark.


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2016: Tour Videos
Magnolia_4134 from Marcus Vik
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2012: Interviews
Andrew Cannon Skates SoCal Spots For A Day
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2012: Tour Videos
Cali, Good Times by Pengu Productions Directed and made by Leo Cittadella. Riders: Fredrik Austb Roger Kleivdal Tom Erik Ryen (Guests: Stian Solberg & Mats Hofgaard). Locations: Mammuth, CA. LA and Venice Beach.
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2009: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Back To The Berg Event Flyer.

2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
King of LA 2008 Event Flyer.

2008: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Wild in the Parks 2008 Event Flyer.

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San Diego Opens Linda Vista Skatepark [30/1/2018]
San Diego Opens Gates to 2nd Largest Skate Park in California.

A Place for Us to Skate [15/1/2018]
Unity is a queer skateboarding collective in California, designed as a haven from the sometimes-hostile environment the sport has fostered.

Tour Footage: Team Skateboard France in California [31/12/2017]
The French national skateboard team goes on a trip to California, to immerse in the roots of skate culture.

Nike SB and Soulland present part 2 [18/12/2017]
Presenting Part 2: The juxtaposition of dark Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and bright Los Angeles.

Sandefjord Skatepark Needs 1,5 Million [19/8/2017]
Needs 1,5 Million To Complete the dream park in Sandefjord.

Bullied Teen Meets Tony Hawk [16/3/2017]
Southern California Teen Beaten by Bully Meets Skateboarding Icon Tony Hawk.

Red Bull In Search of The Blu Enigma 2016 Tour #2 [31/10/2016]
Five skaters in search of a rumored skate compound on a Greek island come back with heavy evidence. The Greek skate scene have done a lot of good things over the years and when Red Bull asked for help in reaching the skating Eldorado which is the Blu Enigma, they helped make it happen.

Europes Best Skate Plazas [24/10/2016]
Kingpin Magazine takes a look at the best skate plazas in Europe.

SuperSnake Teaser [9/10/2016]
Mountain Dew has teamed up with Snow Park Technologies and CA RampWorks to design and create SuperSnake, the ultimate snowboard and skateboard hybrid dream run on snow.

The Story of Vans [7/4/2016]
The Story of Vans showcases 50 years of milestones that have made Vans the unique brand it is today. Watch the animated story and follow the brands origins in action sports, art, music and fashion. Narrated by Vans Skateboarding Legend, Jeff Grosso.

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2011: Mill Valley Skatepark [9/10/2017]

2013: Tinnell Memorial Skatepark [6/10/2016]

2014: Diamond Skatepark [14/10/2014]

2004: SD Memorial Skatepark [7/4/2013]

2004: SD Memorial Skatepark [7/4/2013]

2004: SD Memorial Skatepark [7/4/2013]

2008: Tulare Skatepark [25/11/2012]

2010: Houghton Skatepark [10/10/2012]

2010: Santa Ana Skatepark [20/1/2012]

2010: Santa Ana Skatepark [20/1/2012]