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Spot Map:

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Country Statistics
Akershus Skatespots92 spots
Aust-Agder Skatespots28 spots
Buskerud Skatespots52 spots
Finnmark Skatespots13 spots
Hedmark Skatespots38 spots
Hordaland Skatespots66 spots
Mre og Romsdal Skatespots42 spots
Nord-Trndelag Skatespots24 spots
Nordland Skatespots46 spots
Oppland Skatespots43 spots
Oslo Skatespots207 spots
Rogaland Skatespots94 spots
Sogn og Fjordane Skatespots16 spots
Sr-Trndelag Skatespots36 spots
Telemark Skatespots52 spots
Troms Skatespots33 spots
Vest-Agder Skatespots41 spots
Vestfold Skatespots46 spots
stfold Skatespots53 spots

19 countries.

1022 skatespots