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The Skatespot Guide

Spot Map:

Select a country or city to start browsing our database of skatespots mapped world wide.

Country Statistics
Afghanistan Skatespots2 spots
Australia Skatespots8 spots
Austria Skatespots13 spots
Belgium Skatespots4 spots
Bolivia Skatespots1 spots
Bulgaria Skatespots2 spots
Cambodia Skatespots3 spots
Canada Skatespots30 spots
China Skatespots4 spots
Costa Rica (CA) Skatespots1 spots
Cuba Skatespots2 spots
Czech Republic Skatespots8 spots
Denmark Skatespots64 spots
Ethiopia Skatespots1 spots
Finland Skatespots64 spots
France Skatespots16 spots
Germany Skatespots33 spots
Greece Skatespots3 spots
Greenland Skatespots2 spots
Hungary Skatespots4 spots
India Skatespots7 spots
Ireland Skatespots1 spots
Israel Skatespots1 spots
Italy Skatespots8 spots
Japan Skatespots1 spots
Jersey Skatespots17 spots
Jordan Skatespots17 spots
Kenya Skatespots1 spots
Kyrgyzstan Skatespots1 spots
Lebanon Skatespots1 spots
Luxembourg Skatespots5 spots
Malaysia Skatespots5 spots
Maldives Skatespots1 spots
Myanmar Skatespots1 spots
Namibia Skatespots1 spots
Netherlands Skatespots26 spots
New Zealand Skatespots6 spots
Nicaragua Skatespots1 spots
North Korea Skatespots1 spots
Norway Skatespots (show counties)1018 spots
Palestine Skatespots3 spots
Peru Skatespots2 spots
Poland Skatespots19 spots
Portugal Skatespots30 spots
Russia Skatespots9 spots
Scotland Skatespots5 spots
Slovakia Skatespots1 spots
Slovenia Skatespots2 spots
Spain Skatespots121 spots
Sweden Skatespots165 spots
Switzerland Skatespots20 spots
Thailand Skatespots13 spots
Uganda Skatespots1 spots
Ukraine Skatespots22 spots
United Kingdom Skatespots68 spots
United States of America Skatespots388 spots
Venezuela Skatespots0 spots
Wales Skatespots3 spots

58 countries.

2257 skatespots