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Skatepark in Sandefjord, Norway.

Also known as: Sandefjord Skatepark / Sandefjordbowlen / Hesteskoen Skatepark

2017: Event Flyers
LHMR Contest Poster.

2017: Event Flyers

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LHMR Skatecontest June 2017 [20/6/2017]
A skate contest is being held at Strandpromenaden Skatepark 26th June, 2017.

New Sandefjord Skatepark Construction [23/5/2017]
Betongpark has starte construction of the new skatepark at Strandpromenaden in Sandefjord.

Sandefjord Organisation With Skateparks Plans [15/5/2017]
Sandefjord Skateboardklubb is working to replace Strandpromenaden Skatepark with a new concrete park.


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2010: Sandefjord Skatepark
Ole Tobias K-Grind: tar BS K-grind ned ledgen i bowlen 2 try!! Filmer: Jonas Olafsen.
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2009: Sandefjord
Sandefjord Skatepark
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2009: Sandefjord
Skateboard contest at Sandefjord Skatepark 18. April.
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2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
LHMR Contest Poster.

2017: Strandpromenaden Skatepark: Show Picture
New skatepark construction. Photo by Betongpark.

2017: Strandpromenaden Skatepark: Show Picture
Plans for the new skatepark in Sandefjord.

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