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Jordal Skatepark is an outdoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Jordal Rampeland / Oslo Skatepark

2017: Jordal Skatepark
Kjetil Krogvold backside 5-0 grind in the Jordal Bowl.

2017: Jordal Skatepark

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Spotcheck: Jordal Bowl April 2017 [19/4/2017]
The bowl has been cleaned, and missing screws have been replaced. Here are some pictures from a session in the bowl at Jordal Skatepark.

NORB NM 2017 Oslo [29/3/2017]
With this years Norwegian skateboard championships being held in Oslo, NORB has chosen to spread the event over several locations to highlight the many good skateboard organisations in the city. The event is being held 27-30 July, 2017.

Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark March 2017 [26/3/2017]
Here are some pictures from our visit to the skatepark at Jordal. The park has since been cleaned.


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2015: Jordal Skatepark
Jordal08.05.15 from Roy - SkateboardSession at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo Skaterboarders : Bjrn Tommy Kjetil.
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2014: Old Boys NM
Old Boys Skateboard NM 2014 Highlights
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2014: Old Boys NM
Oldboys NM Bowl 2014 by Svein ArildO
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2017: Jordal Skatepark: Show Picture
Vert sunset

2017: Jordal Skatepark: Show Picture
Oslo, Norway.

2017: Jordal Skatepark: Show Picture
Tommy Jrgensen backside 50-50 grind in the Jordal Bowl.

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Oslo Spring 2017 #4 [12/5/2017]
Here is part four of the Oslo Spring series.

NORB NM 2014 Results and Footage [3/8/2014]
Here are the final results and footage from the Norwegian skateboard championships in Gjvik.

Dew Tour Bootcamp 2014 Tnsberg Results & Footage [14/7/2014]
Here are results and footage from the first Norwegian Dew Tour Boot Camp wildcard events.

NORB NM 2012 To Trondheim [13/11/2011]
Trikkestallen Skatepark has been selected as the venue for next years Norwegian skateboard chamionships. Here is some information.

Moss Designs New Skatepark [9/8/2010]
A skatepark has been on top of the wishlist in Moss for years. Now a group has been formed to design the park. Here is some infomation.

Vox DIY Tour 2010 Schedule [16/6/2010]
Vox have started their DIY tour, and is traveling the country to build skatespots. Here is some information on the what, who and where!

New Shapes and Sizes [2/11/2008]
The Justme Oslo Bowl skateboard deck is finally available in more sizes. If you think the boards should have been bigger, or smaller, check out our new boards here.

Team Update: The Activist Team [28/10/2008]
Kim Ottermo is the latest addition to Amnestys Activist skateboard team. Here is some more information on the current Activist team.

Spotcheck: Sinsenkrysset June 2008 [24/6/2008]
After discovering the slightly tilted walls along the pathway beneath the intersection, we brought our cameras and went up to Sinsenkrysset to try a few wallrides. Here are the pictures and clips from our visit. Skateboard Decks [4/6/2008] is proud to announce that Justme skateboard decks now are available from our webshop. Today we received the very first deck. Check out the pictures and information here.