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Skatt st is a building in Oslo, Norway

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2017: Skatt st
Skatt st, Oslo, Norway.

2017: Skatt st

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Spotcheck: Skatt st March 2017 [26/3/2017]
The snow is gone, but the gravel remains at Skatt st.

Oslo in April [12/5/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has put out a new HD video featuring some Oslo spots.

Henning Braaten Skatt st Line [23/5/2013]
Henning Braaten jigs it up at Skatt st.


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2011: Skatt st
Jrn Wiggo Nyberg Switch backside crooks (iPhone movie)
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2011: Skatt st
Skatt st Ramadan - Pla by Aksel Overskott
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2011: Skatt st
Quick Trick med Peter Srb by
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2017: Skatt st: Show Picture
Skatt st, Oslo, Norway.

2016: Skatt st: Show Picture
Skatt st, Oslo, Norway.

2011: Skatt st: Show Picture
Christopher Alstermo smith grind kickflip at Skatt st in Oslo, Norway.

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Oslo Spring 2017 #1 [21/3/2017]
The snow is retreating, so we checked out some Oslo skateparks and skatespots last week.

Oslo Spring 2016 [21/3/2016]
March is getting warmer every year, and in Oslo the snow has either melted or been removed by force from most of the parks and spots. Skate is on!