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Outdoor skatepark in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

Also known as: Folven Skatepark / Stryn Miniramp / Folven Camping Miniramp / Stryn Skatepark / Hjelledalen Skatepark

2015: Folven Skatepark
Miniramp at Folven Skatepark. Photo by Strynefestivalen.

2015: Folven Skatepark

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Skateboarding at Strynefestivalen 2017 [13/3/2017]
The skatepark at Folven is available during Strynefestivalen 8-11 June 2017, and Inigrid Lonar and Kristina Westad are hosting a free drop-in course for girls.

Folven Skatepark Officially Opened [18/10/2015]
The new skatepark and pumptrack at Folven Camping has been officially opened.

Folven Camping Renovates Skatepark [14/8/2015]
The skatepark at Folven Camping is being renovated, and should be ready next week.


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2008: Folven Miniramp
Sigve pipe-session
Sigve drar p litt i rampen p Folven camping! Ikkje verdas beste filmkvalitet men...enjoy!
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2015: Folven Skatepark: Show Picture
Miniramp at Folven Skatepark. Photo by Strynefestivalen.

2015: Folven Camping Skatepark: Show Picture
Renovations and new pumptrack at Folven Skatepark. Photo by Folven Camping.

2010: Folven Skatepark: Show Picture
Skatepark at Folven Camping.

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2008: Folven Camping [3/12/2008]

2008: Folven Camping [3/12/2008]