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Saga Skatepark is an indoor skatepark in Fagerstrand, Norway.

Also known as: Saga Skatehall / Fagerstrand Skatepark / Fagerstrand Skatehall

2012: Event Flyers
Saga Open

2012: Event Flyers

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Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017 [7/11/2016]
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.

Saga Skatepark Could Loose Funding [28/10/2016]
The indoor skatepark at Fagerstrand could loose funding next year if the suggested budget is passed.

Saga Skatepark Might Have To Close [5/11/2014]
Saga Skatepark needs to raise 60.000 kr before new year to avoid closing.


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2015: Saga Skatepark
New years session @ Saga: Ruben Alexander Soon, Heitor Da Silva, Gabriel Bjrsvik, yvind Svensen, Daniel Pedersen, Kjetil Skaro. Filmet og redigert av: Ruben Alexander Soon.
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2012: Saga Skatepark
Patrick Halln @ SAGA Indoor Skatepark. Friends: Audun Mehl Andre Svanes Geir Myrvang Arnt Magne Heggli Terkel Valaker Alex Holm.
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2011: Saga Skatepark
FSVB Presents: 5 Nollie in med Geir Myrvang - Geir er glad i alt som er switch og nollies, her putter han ned 5 kjappe nollie in tricks p Saga.
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2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bernhard Skate School at Saga Skatepark.

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Saga Open

2011: Saga Skatepark: Show Picture
Indoor skatepark in Fagerstrand, Nesodden, Norway.

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Mjsskate 2017 Program [11/5/2017]
Mjsskate will consist of 20 contests, spread over four days in June and July, with a 60.000 NOK prize pot.

Mjsskate 2017 Changes and New Dates [9/5/2017]
Mjsskate is making some changes and will be hosting the events over two weekends instead of one.

Enjoi Highest Ollie 2011 [11/5/2011]
Enjoi offers a trip to California for the winner of this years summers Norwegian highest ollie contest. Here is some information.

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