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Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Opening Footage [5/23/2017]
Here are some pictures from the official opening of the new skatepark outside Oslo Skatehall.

Spotcheck: Vevang Rampen December 2016 [5/23/2017]
Here is a picture of the mini/vert ramp at Vevang.

Final Supplies Larvik Demo 2017 [5/23/2017]
Thanks to Mammas Skateshop and Larvik Skateboardklubb the Final Supplies skaters are visiting Larvik for an event at Mnejordet Skatepark on Saturday 27th May, 2017.

Bowl Renovation at Rud Skatepark [5/23/2017]
The bowl at Rud Rampland is being fixed.

New Sandefjord Skatepark Construction [5/23/2017]
Betongpark has starte construction of the new skatepark at Strandpromenaden in Sandefjord.

Element Make It Count 2017 [5/23/2017]
The Element Make It Count Series is back with a new format for 2017! Enter to win an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona with the Element Team to film a video part.

Wants Skatepark In Jessheim [5/23/2017]
Skaters in Jessheim wants a concrete skatepark at the planned Bakkedalen Idrettsanlegg.

More Startpage Country Filters [5/23/2017]
Here is the complete list of startpage country filters with content.

Larvik Open 2017 Skate School [5/23/2017]
Larvik Open is hosting a Skate School 5th June 2017.

Ullensaker Skate Camp 2017 [5/23/2017]
This years skate camp at Jessheim Skatepark is being held 26-29 June, 2017.

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