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Startpage Filter(s) Update [3/10/2017]
IN NORWAY has let you view The Justme Website startpage with content related only to Norway. Now some new country filters have been added to the menu!

Far n High 2017 Course Preview [2/21/2017]
The new street course for Far n High 2017 could be the best setup ever build, featuring granit ledges and brick transitions.

CDF #1 Street in Chelles 2017 Results and Footage [2/20/2017]
126 skaters traveled to the Paris region for the first event of the French Skateboard Championships in Chelles.

Sorgente and Russell Skate Bowls in France [2/17/2017]
Cruise with Alex Sorgente and Chris Russell as they embark on a Gallic bowl-hunting session in the concrete riviera of south-west France.

Checklist 2017 Official Footage [2/3/2017]
Checklist 2017 Official video report by Hugo Ghnassia.

Checklist 2017 Nonchalantes Footage [2/3/2017]
Here is Productions Nonchalantes footage from the Checklist Junior Contest in Paris, France.

Checklist 2017 Results and Footage [2/3/2017]
Here are results and some footage from the Checklist Junior Contest in Paris, France.

Far n High 2017 [2/2/2017]
The Far n High International Skateboard Contest returns 25th - 28th May 2017.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2017 [2/2/2017]
Red Bull Bowl Rippers is coming to the Prado Bowl in Marseille, France, on June 15-18, 2017.

French Skateboard Championships 2017 [1/10/2017]
Here are the events of this years Championat De France Skateboard 2017, the French skateboard championships.

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