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Skaters and Thieves Full Documentary + Interview [4/28/2017]
Filmmakers Jeremy Rubier and AD Jennings follows the Skaters and Thieves collective to document Brooklyns skate community.

Lizzie Armanto Thrasher Interview [4/28/2017]
Thrasher Magazine did an interview with Lizzie Armanto.

Riverwalk Skatepark Closes For Bridge Repairs [4/28/2017]
The Bradenton Riverwalk Skateboard Park will be closed from early May through the end of August, during Desoto Bridge repairs.

Skatepark Opens In Kenner [4/28/2017]
Kenner is set to cut the ribbon on a brand new recreational skate park. Wentwood Skate Plaza is just one of a handful of skate parks in the metro area and the first one in Jefferson Parish.

Clifton Skatepark Remains Closed [4/28/2017]
Four years after it was shut down, the Clifton Skate Zone has become a sanctuary for alcohol and drug use, say area residents.

Hastings Gets Skate Stoppers For Levee Park [4/26/2017]
$575 skate stoppers were purchased after damage to the Rotary Pavilion at Levee Park, located in downtown Hastings, was discovered. However skateboards, scooters and bikes are more than welcome as long as the facilities are not getting damaged, and Parks and Recreation Department Director Chris Jenkins wants a conversation about a designated skatepark.

Man brought swords to Waseca Skatepark [4/26/2017]
A man allegedly brought swords to the Waseca skate park after a dispute.

Poughkeepsie Skatepark Reopened [4/26/2017]
Poughkeepsie Skatepark reopened recently after nearly a year of repair works.

Dismount Zones in Topeka [4/26/2017]
Topeka now has dismount zones for anyone riding or using a skateboard, prohibiting people from riding their bicycles, skateboards or roller blades on the sidewalks from 4th to 11th Streets on both sides of Kansas Avenue, the east side of Jackson street and west side of Quincy Street.

Bonita Springs Skatepark Closed For Repairs [4/26/2017]
The Bonita Springs B3 Skate Park is closed for routine repairs through the week after rot was discovered.

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