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Lizard King Supra Interview [7/24/2017]
SUPRA pro, Lizard King, describes what makes him SUPRA PASSIONATE with a narration explaining the early influence of his father, motorcycles, fellow skateboarders and motor sport legend Travis Pastrana.

TWS Puts Skateboarder Magazine Online [7/22/2017]
Check out the entire archive of Skateboarder Magazines Vol 1- Vol 6 online.

Creature Video Tour Teaser [7/22/2017]
Creature Skateboards are working on the The Creature Video Tour that just went down over the last 8 weeks... So to tie you over heres an In The Park from the tour stop in Abuquerque!!!

Jeff Grossos Love Letters To Skateboarding S08E06 [7/22/2017]
Old Skate Mags Part 2: Skateboarder Magazine was the bible for skating back in the 1970s. Grosso sits down with Steve Olson, Eric Dressen, Jim Muir, Chris Strople and others to talk about the magic of print.

Queens of the Ramp [7/22/2017]
Paper Mag has a story about the NYC-based all-female skate crew The Skate Kitchen.

San Diego Wasting Money On Skatestoppers [7/22/2017]
Skateboarders scoff at citys devices as the city is just knobbing everything, including a lot of stuff not even being skated.

Skatepark Plans In Reno [7/22/2017]
The Reno City Council on Wednesday approved a contract that will allow for the construction of a new skate park at Miguel Ribera Park.

Skaters Built Skatepark In Bird Habitat [7/22/2017]
Skateboarders built an unauthorized park on Duck Island in Green Lake as part as a do-it-yourself challenge, and criminal charges have been filed because it caused massive damage to a bird habitat.

New Temporary Skatepark In Downtown Detroit [7/22/2017]
Tony Hawk partners on a new temporary skatepark to open a in downtown Detroit, until Bedrocks massive Monroe Block development breaks ground in the area, which is expected in January 2018. At that point, the modular design of the park will allow it to be moved to another part of the city.

Stroudsburg Skatepark Reopens [7/22/2017]
The skatepark in the Poconos is back open with more cameras watching over.

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