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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Blind Footage [15/8/2018]
Reigning Team Challenge champions Blind skateboards take top honors for their third year in a row. Trey Wood, Micky Papa, Yuto Horigome, and TJ Rogers filled up this years team roaster to defend their title. Peep the best of Blind Skateboards from the 2018 TransWorld SKATEboarding team challenge.

Tour Footage: Volcom Road Rager in Italy 2018 [12/8/2018]
A few months back the Volcom crew jumped in the van and trekked across Italy. They picked up Martino Cattaneo on the way as a tour guide and by the end of the trip he was on the team.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Plan B Footage [11/8/2018]
What better way to show off team spirit? Do it like Plan B and lace up the whole squad in matching team jerseys. Notably, team riders Alex Sorgente, Trevor McClung, Felipe Gustavo, and Chris Joslin take home third-place in the TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge. Check out Plan Bs team riders best moves as seen above.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Element Footage [11/8/2018]
Best of Element Skateboards TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge | Dew Tour 2018

Tour Footage: Creature Skateboards Deko Boko [11/8/2018]
In a never ending quest for the perfect scallop, Willis rounded up the boys and headed across the pond to the land of the rising sun. Once there and in the hands of the best host 4 Americans could ask for, Kenji-san took the boys on a legendary ramble through the bumpy island filled with 7-Elevens, sushi, Asahi, good laughs, and savage concrete!

Tour Footage: No Meat Pies, No Glory [11/8/2018]
Independent Trucks Team in OZ.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Flip Skateboards Footage [9/8/2018]
Flip Skateboards returns to the TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge for their third year in a row. Although for Flips first time the team was unable to secure a spot on the podium.

Tour Footage: adidas Daedalus [9/8/2018]
Named after the Greek god that invented the Labyrinth, Daedalus follows the adidas Skateboarding team through the labyrinthine city of So Paulo.

Tour Footage: Vans Germany Greeced Up [9/8/2018]
A few days in Greece and Cyprus with Jan Hoffmann, Timo Meiselbach and Justin Ernst.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Primitive Footage [6/8/2018]
First time TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge competitors Trent McClung, Robert Neal, and Carlos Ribeiro held it down for Primitive skateboards. Peep the best moves the crew were able to roll away with at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018.

Dew Tour 2018 Girl Skateboards Footage [3/8/2018]
Girl Skateboards competed in their first TransWorld Skateboarding Team Challenge competition at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018. Although the team struggled to place high scores in each section, the team didnt fall short of creative talent. Check out the best moves Girl team riders Simon Bannerot, Andrew Brophy, Niels Bennett, and Tyler Pacheco rolled away with on Team Challenge day.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Head 2 Head Footage [1/8/2018]
Head 2 Head: Yuto Horigome Vs. Lucas Rabelo 360 Flip.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Nicole Hause Footage [1/8/2018]
The women of Pro Park came out swinging for Sundays finals. In the end, Nicole Hause snagged the win with a flawless fourth run. Peep Hauses best moments from Dew Tour Long Beach 2018.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Pamela Rosa Footage [29/7/2018]
Hailing all the way from Brazil, Pamela Rosa took first place in the Womens Pro Street competition. Check out Pamelas best maneuvers from Dew Tour Long Beach 2018 above.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Mens Pro Park Footage [28/7/2018]
Eight of the worlds gnarliest park skateboarders drop into the bowl at Dew Tour for the Pro Park finals.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Ryan Decenzo Footage [28/7/2018]
Ryan Decenzo may have barely missed the podium finishing fourth, but not without stomping tricks on every section of the course winning himself the 2018 Zumiez Destroyer Award! Decenzo put down a sugarcane on the A-frame, frontside 360 off the bump and over the stairs, a huge frontside flip to flat and even a nollie backside heelflip off over the Boost Bar.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Mariah Duran Footage [28/7/2018]
Mariah Duran landed herself a fifth-place finish in the Womens Pro Street competition at Dew Tour Long Beach. Although, she had the skills to impress the judges to win the coveted Zumiez Destroyer Award.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Jordyn Barratt Footage [28/7/2018]
Jordyn Barratt was the only female to compete in Dew Tour last year. This time, she returned to win the Zumiez Destroyer Awards for the womens park pro.

Tour Footage: Final Supplies Wilderness Tour 2018 [26/7/2018]
Final Supplies x Session Wilderness Tour 2018 Footage.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Mens pro Street Footage [25/7/2018]
Watch the Mens Pro Street finals highlights from the 2018 Summer Dew Tour in Long Beach, California.

Tour Footage Petals Of Morocco Episode 3 [25/7/2018]
North Africas biggest-ever skate tour concludes with another insane terrain find: Klaus Bohms, Kris Vile, Jost Arens, Nassim Lachhab and Ryan Lay reach their final destination in Petals Of Morocco.

Tour Footage: The Gathering of the Govs [25/7/2018]
A tale of eleven Governors. The New Balance Numeric team travels through New Zealand in search of the perfect bump to bar.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Womens Pro Street Footage [25/7/2018]
Watch the Womens Pro Street finals webcast from the 2018 Summer Dew Tour in Long Beach, California. Eight of the Worlds best skaters gather together to compete in a four-run format. The skater with the best and highest score takes top honors.

Tour Footage: Red Bull Drop In 2018 [23/7/2018]
5 cities. 10 days. 13 skaters. 1 bus. Drop in on the Red Bull Skateboarding teams tour across America. The Red Bull Skateboarding team set out on a tried and true road trip across the nation, putting on demos while looking for local spots and backyard ramps in towns across the U.S. Heres the trip from every possible angle. This is Red Bull Drop In.

Tour Footage: Girl Skateboards Out For A Rip [21/7/2018]
Simon, Malto, Biebel and the rest of the Girl team went Out For A Rip in Canada a couple months back. Watch as the rip the streets, parks and demo at Strath!

Tour Footage: Skatenation in LA 2018 [21/7/2018]
In June 2018, twenty skaters lead by Tulio Oliveira, a professional skateboarder went out on a dream trip to California. On board a van, they spent 10 days exploring dozens of Los Angeles skateboarding spots, skateparks and etc.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Team Recap Footage [20/7/2018]
24 skaters, six skate teams, and four skaters to a team duke it out at this years TransWorld SKATEboarding Team Challenge.

Tour Footage: Monster x Thrasher in Bali [20/7/2018]
This is Austin Novys cut from the recent Thrasher magazine X Monster Energy trip to Bali.

Tour Footage: One Star World Tour 2018 [19/7/2018]
The Converse Cons One Star Pro is back on the road in 2018! With a Worldly Crew of skaters, and 16 days on the road in front of them, the One Star pushed its way through Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, England and France!

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Love and Guts Jam Footage [18/7/2018]
The legends of Love and Guts take a break from crafting their art and drop in the perfectly poured bowl at Dew Tour Long Beach. Watch Pat Ngoho, Christian Hosoi, Lance Mountain, Steve Cabellero, and Steve Olson shred!

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