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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Real Squaded Up In DC 2017 Tour Footage [19/5/2017]
Nothing but good times with half the Real crew and a bunch of friends from Europe all headed to SD to get some.

Primitive Vision Test East Coast 2017 Tour Footage [19/5/2017]
Primitive Skateboarding hit the streets of DC and NY for the East Coast version of Vision Test Promo.

London, Meantime: adidas 2017 Tour Footage [18/5/2017]
adidas Skateboarding heads to London, England, where something is always going on. London, Meantime showcases the global team in the fashion forward streets of the city, giving you a glimpse into one of skateboardings most illustrious canvases.

Red Bull Russian Riviera 2017 Tour Footage #2 [17/5/2017]
Follow the Red Bull team as they skate Krasnodar in chapter 2 of Roaming the Russian Riviera.

Red Bull Russian Riviera 2017 Tour Footage #1 [17/5/2017]
Follow the Red Bull team as they skate Krasnodar in chapter 1 of Roaming the Russian Riviera.

Sabotage in Lyon 2017 Tour Footage [14/5/2017]
After the tragic fall of LOVE Park in Philly, Thrasher sent the Sabotage crew across the pond to session Lyons Hotel de Ville, another legendary plaza in danger of being snatched from the skate world.

Street Treats Vilnius 2017 Tour Footage [12/5/2017]
Monument Skateboards went on a cold but really fun trip out to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Vans All The Way Down 2017 Tour Footage [11/5/2017]
A journey through Milan, Rome, and Naples, the three most important and fervent cities of Italy. 24 days long from North to South. The whole Vans Italy team took a skate trip around the most famous spots in Italy.

Nike SB 58 Tour 2017 Footage [8/5/2017]
Join Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, Max Palmer, Donovon Piscopo, Ishod Wair, Youness Amrani, Andrew Wilson, Cyrus Bennett, Blake Carpenter, and Bobby Worrest on our East Cost tour to #supportyourlocalskateshop.

Dew Tour 2017 Long Beach Podium Qualification [8/5/2017]
For the first time ever, Dew Tour is giving skateboarders everywhere the opportunity to compete in Long Beach by using the Podium Skate App.

Primitive Skate in DC 2017 Tour Footage [8/5/2017]
DC fun with Trent McClung, Wacson Mass, Roman Lisivka and Marek Zapranzy.

Baker in Dubai 2017 Tour Footage [5/5/2017]
Join Baker and special guest Collin Provost for clips in the Vegas of the Middle East, as seen in The Skateboard Mag issue 159, out now.

Jart UK 2017 Tour Footage [1/5/2017]
A few months ago, Jart Skateboards hit the roads of the UK.

GoPro Japan 2017 Tour Footage [1/5/2017]
Short clip from the GoPro Skate Trip to Tokyo in 2017.

RVCA Smash Through the Basque 2017 Tour Footage [1/5/2017]
Heres an amazing trip including spots youve never seen and some buttery transition skating by the whole squad.

GoPro Japan Tour 2017 Quik Footage [1/5/2017]
Quick clip with behind the sceens footage from the GoPro tour in Tokyo.

SLS 2017 World Tour Schedule [25/4/2017]
Here is the schedule for this years Street League Skateboarding World Tour.

Monument Barcelona Tour 2017 Footage [22/4/2017]
A week hitting up the streets of Barcelona with Monument Skateboards.

Cruising the Amazon 2017 Tour Footage Part 3 [22/4/2017]
Part 3 takes the crew to the beaming city of Belm in search of street spots and some good times before they ship back to reality.

Cruising the Amazon 2017 Tour Footage Part 2 [22/4/2017]
Part two of the Red Bull teams epic skate-venture along the Amazon River.

Cruising the Amazon 2017 Tour Footage Part 1 [22/4/2017]
Ride along with Barney Page, Clint Walker, Mason Silva and Korahn Gayle as they skate the streets of Manaus, Brazil and embark on an epic skate-venture along the Amazon River.

Olivier Lucero tours Claremont Schoolyard [18/4/2017]
Check out Oliviers old middle school as he shows off the best rails to skate in the yard.

Boulevard Japan Tour 2017 Footage [16/4/2017]
Boulevard Japan Tour by VHS Mag.

Fatback: Element in Barcelona 2017 Tour Footage [16/4/2017]
Element Euro trip gets the Fatback treatment. Might have to change it to Fatsnaps for this one. Pop!

Lifeblood Beckoned by Boise 2017 Tour Footage [16/4/2017]
At the break of spring, Lifeblood Skateboards hit the road east out to Boise to skate with the locals and put on a demo during a #Skatefort afternoon at Rhodes Skatepark. Kevin, Cody, Dalton and Mason unlocked some lines and had a blast. Check it out.

Pusher Bearings The First Lap 2017 Tour Footage [11/4/2017]
Pusher Bearings team go on their first tour, 5 days of skate and fun through Split, Croatia.

Skate Sauce Japan Tour 2017 Footage [31/3/2017]
The Japanese Skate Sauce crew hit the streets of Japan for a quick 2 day mission. After gathering all the ingredients they cooked up this vid. Enjoy!

Why not Sicily 2016 Tour Footage [31/3/2017]
Skateboarding in Sicily.

Huf City Japan Tour 2017 Footage [31/3/2017]
Check out the HUF Team Riders as they travel through Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo.

Skate Rock Mexico 2017 Tour Footage Part 3 [29/3/2017]
Figgy sparks the final episode with a rail attack before breakfast, and Raven brings down the curtains with a noseblunt slide straight from the heavens. Skkrrrrttt!

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