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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Team Update: Boo Johnson on Bones Whee [12/7/2018]
Boo Johnson Now Rides For Bones Wheels!

Team Update: Sewa Kroetkov Leaves Blind [6/7/2018]
Sewa Kroetkov has left Blind Skateboards after riding for them for nearly 10 years.

Team Update: Anti Hero Pro Austin Kanfoush [5/7/2018]
Austin Kanfoush is now pro on Anti Hero.

Team Update: Alien Pro Frankie Spears [30/6/2018]
Frankie Spears is now pro for Alien Workshop!

Team Update: Elissa Steamer on Baker [27/6/2018]
Baker Skateboards has welocomed Elissa Steamer to the team.

Team Update: Pepe Garcia with Jart [20/6/2018]
The Jart team just added a new breath of fresh air. Check out Pepe Garcias welcome part right here!

Team Update: Austyn Gillette with EPKHE [20/6/2018]
EPKHE Introduces Austyn Gillette.

Team Update: Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix [12/6/2018]
Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix.

Team Update: Kader Sylla with Bronson Speed Co [11/6/2018]
Kader Sylla: Welcome To The Bronson Speed Co Team.

Team Update: August Leo Hgy with Session Lagunen [11/6/2018]
August Leo Hgy with Session Lagunen.

Team Update: Jamie Foy on Dickies [26/5/2018]
The Dickies family shows up in full force to welcome our 2017 Skater of the Year to the squad. This team is stacked.

Team Update: Vetle Ballestad on Session Trondheim [26/5/2018]
Vetle Ballestad on Session Trondheim.

Team Update: Ryan Alvero on Bones Wheels [22/5/2018]
Bones Wheels officially welcome Ryan Alvero to the team!

Team Update: Antiz Pro Robin Bolian [22/5/2018]
Antiz Pro Robin Bolian

Team Update: Sebastian Silva with Session Sandvika [20/5/2018]
Session Sandvika welcomes Sebastian Silva.

Team Update: Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards [20/5/2018]
Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards.

Team Update: Sean Sheffey Back With Plan B [14/5/2018]
Plan B Skateboards has welcomed Sean Sheffey back to the team.

Team Update: Ulph Andersson on Creature [29/4/2018]
Creature welcome Swedish born, Spain Livin, Ulph Andersson to the international flow team.

Team Update: Alex Midlers Sovrn Pro Party [23/4/2018]
Alex Midler was promoted to the pro ranks. He was presented with his own pro model and there was cake! Midler is on top.

Team Update: Jahmir Brown on Bones Bearings [21/4/2018]
Coming straight out of the streets of Philadelphia we welcome Jahmir Brown to the team.

Team Update: Bean Raemers with Slam City Skates [15/4/2018]
Ben Raemers welcome to the Slam team.

Team Update: Kader Sylla with RVCA [14/4/2018]
RVCA welcomes Kader Sylla to the team.

Team Update: Welcome Pro Ryan Townley [28/3/2018]
Ryan Townley has turned pro with Welcome Skateboards.

Team Update: Robert Neal Welcome to Primitive [24/2/2018]
When the people are demanding it, usually thats when its time to make it official so here it is, Robert Neal: welcome to the team. Officially.

Team Update: Santa Cruz Pro Jesse Noonan [24/2/2018]
Santa Cruz OZ rider Jesse Noonan has turned pro.

Team Update: Tom Schaar Back On Element Pro Team [16/2/2018]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Tom Schaar back to the pro team.

Team Update: Griffin Gass Lakai Commercial [16/2/2018]
Lakai Footwear introduces their newest Am, Griffin Gass from Seattle, WA to the Lakai team and family, with this commercial for their newest model, the Bristol.

Team Update: Ducky Kovacs Pro for Pizza Full Part [12/2/2018]
Some heavy hitters made the leap from am to pro this year and Duckys a VIP member of that list. This new part is a barrage of hellacious hammers. Brace yourself.

Team Update: Habitat Welcomes Flo Mirtain [7/2/2018]
Flo and Habitat proclaim their partnership with a full video part loaded with bangers. This is how you introduce a new team rider! Bravo...

Team Update: Rodrigo Petersen on High Co [7/2/2018]
High Co. officially welcome Rodrigo Petersen.

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