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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Episode: Skateline 13-03-2018 [14/3/2018]
Milton Martinez, Tom Penny, Skate Scooter Dance, Manual Reversal and more.

Episode: Skateline 06-03-2018 [7/3/2018]
Miles Silvas, GX 1000 in GQ, Pedro Barros, Wade Desarmo Off DGK and more.

The Nine Clup Episode 87 [7/3/2018]
This week Tim Gavin discusses growing up in Phoenix AZ, getting his first board a Valterra Meltdown, his first sponsor H-Street, getting on Blind, flying to Los Angeles every weekend after school, skating EMB for his first time, Tim and Henrys promotional video Pack of Lies, Stealing product, quitting Blind for Girl Skateboards, Starting DVS and Matix, leaving DVS (Podium Distribution), retiring from skateboarding, his Real Estate endeavor and much more!

Threee Episode 3 [5/3/2018]
Adidas Skateboarding THREEE Episode 3.

Episode: Skateline 27-02-2018 [28/2/2018]
Nyjah Huston, Jamie Foy, Chima Ferguson, Robert Neal and more.

Almost A Minute Episode 14 [28/2/2018]
Daewon, Youness and Yuri - Fun from the gram!

My City Episode 8: Santiago [28/2/2018]
In Episode 8 of My City we visit Braulio Sagas from Santiago, Chile. As being the largest city in Chile and capital of the South American country, as a skateboarder, there is a lot of activity to meander through the city and streets, at times making it difficult to find a quality spot to throw down some skateboard tricks. This episode documents Braulios favorite spots to skate throughout the city.

The Nine Club Episode 86 [28/2/2018]
This week Nyjah Huston discusses growing up in Davis CA, getting on Element at 8 years old, moving to Puerto Rico, leaving Element to start I&I, getting back on Element, his family situation growing up, leaving DC for Nike, his new video part Til Death, designing his pro Nike SB shoe and much more!

The Uruguayan Experience Episode 3 [28/2/2018]
Wes Kremer, Chris Pfanner and Carlos Iqui connect with Madars and the local skaters of Montevideo before embarking on a skate trip for the ages. Say no more. Follow the skaters on their trip across Uruguay, as they discover awesome skate places, amazing people and the best locations ever.

Almost A Minute Episode 13 [28/2/2018]
In this episode, Tyson stoped by Peak Park to warm up before the filming mission and Youness 3 quick lines in Spain.

Threee Episode 2 [25/2/2018]
Adidas Skateboarding THREEE Episode 2.

Threee Episode 1 [25/2/2018]
Adidas Skateboarding THREEE Episode 1.

The Nine Club Episode 85 [21/2/2018]
This week Jeff Grosso discusses growing up in Eagle Rock CA, moving to Arcadia, quitting high school a credit short a month before graduation, his first sponsor Variflex, getting on Powell Peralta, leaving Powell Peralta to turn pro for Schmitt Stix, his heavy drug use, smuggling a ball of hash through airport security for Hosoi, partying on Robitussin, nearly killing Ross Goodman, leaving Santa Cruz for Lucero Limited which turned into Black Label, overdosing and almost dying multiple times, working normal jobs to get by, getting on Vans and Antihero, how he feels about skateboarding in the Olympics, Love letters and much more!

Episode: Skateline 20-02-2018 [21/2/2018]
Leticia Bufoni Pole Dance, Gonz, Yoshi Tanenbaum. Blue Turner and more.

Episode: Skateline 12-02-2018 [15/2/2018]
Shane Oneill vs Daewon Song, Jamie Foy, Chris Haslam, Wacson Mass.

The Nine Club Episode 84 [15/2/2018]
This week Jon Buscemi discusses growing up in Long Island NY, getting his first board at a bike shop, coming out to California with Gino Iannucci, John Lucero picking him up at the airport, getting a job on Wall Street, becoming a road sales rep for Fourstar & Clae Footwear, moving in with Eric Koston at his MTV cribs house, working for DC shoes as a trend forecaster, designing iconic DC shoes, quitting DC to start his first company Gourmet, starting his second company GREATS, making luxury footwear and accessories with his brand Buscemi, Truff Hot sauce, opening Uncle Paulies Deli in Los Angeles and much more!

Almost a Minute Episode 12 [12/2/2018]
In this episode Almost remembers Lewis Marnell, looking back to his intro part in that was feature as a bonus in the Cheese and Cracker DVD.

Almost a Minute Episode 11 [12/2/2018]
No matter how cold it gets in Belgium this time of the year, Youness will keep the fun going at his local park!

Episode: Skateline 06-02-2018 [7/2/2018]
Sebo Walker Leaves Lakai? Mark Suciu, Daan Van Der Linden, Eniz Fazliov and more.

The Nine Club Episode 83 [7/2/2018]
This week Jason Dill discusses growing up in Huntington Beach CA, seeing skateboarding for the first time at 8 years old, his first sponsor House of Kasai, skating for Blockhead then getting on Black Label, dropping out of high school, 101 days, filming for Snuff and 20 Shot Sequence, getting kicked off 101, opening a mag and reading that he was now on Alien Workshop, partying and drugs, starting Fucking Awesome and much more!

Episode: Skateline 30-01-2018 [31/1/2018]
Mark Suciu, Corey Duffel, Gustav Tonnesen, Lizard King, Ellington Off Supra and more.

The Nine Club Episode 82 [31/1/2018]
Josh Stewart discusses growing up in Florida, picking up his first video camera, being asked by Jamie Thomas to go on a Welcome to hell tour, filming Cigar City, his first Static video, making the Adio video One Step Beyond, deciding to make more Static videos, starting his distribution company Theories Of Atlantis, will there be a Static 6 and much more!

Episode: Skateline 23-01-2018 [31/1/2018]
Ryan Sheckler, Miles Silvas, Paul Rodriguez, Jake Anderson Pro and more.

Almost a Minute Episode 10 [30/1/2018]
In this episode filmer Henner Figueiredo give us an inside view of what it takes to kick flip nose slide a 19 stair hubba in Montjuich, Cataluna, Spain.

Almost A Minute Episode 9 [29/1/2018]
Yuri, Youness and Tyson out in the streets having fun!

The Nine Club Episode 81 [29/1/2018]
Alex Olson discusses growing up in Santa Monica/Malibu CA, his dad Steve Olson, being un-schooled, getting flowed by Black Label, Toy Machine, Foundation, Jason Dill asking him to get boards from Alien Workshop, getting on Lakai & Girl Skateboards, almost getting on Gravis Footwear, leaving Lakai for Vans, then leaving Vans for Nike, moving to New York, starting his own companies Bianca Chandon and 917, becoming vegan and much more!

Episode: Skateline 16-01-2018 [18/1/2018]
Mark Suciu, Atlantic Drift, Tom Knox, Gabriel Summers, Sergio Santoro.

Almost A Minute Episode 8 [17/1/2018]
Daewon Song having fun with 4 basic steps and more

The Nine Club Episode 80 [17/1/2018]
The show that has skateboarders talking - This week Bill Strobeck discusses growing up in Upstate New York, getting his first vx1000, filming for the Alien Workshop video Photosynthesis, almost getting killed filming Mark Gonzales, what the Supreme video Cherry was originally going to be called, his denim phase, why the Cherry video was black and white, Joyride, a new Supreme video in the works and much more!

Atlantic Drift Episode 6: San Francisco [11/1/2018]
The Drifters departed the familiar waters of the Atlantic, finding themselves staring down the Pacific from the hilltops of San Francisco. Cheers to another epic chapter from the crew you know and love.

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