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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Episode: DGK Saved by Skateboarding at Lafayette [18/5/2018]
DGK squad takes over Lafayette Skatepark in Los Angeles for Saved by Skateboarding.

Atlantic Drift Episode 7 Las Vegas [17/5/2018]
After roaming across the Atlantic and finding themselves on the West Coast, the Drifters decided to raise the stakes amidst the bright lights and scorched earth of Las Vegas. Toss in some bonus points for the Leonard Cohen track...

Tour Footage: Inca Skate Trail Episode 3 [14/5/2018]
INCA SKATE TRAIL: Hitting up La Paz in Bolivia. | Episode 3

The Nine Club Episode 96 [14/5/2018]
Chad Tim Tim discusses growing up in Huntington CA, started skating at 15, entering CASL contests, getting on World Industries, turning pro for New Deal, skating for Globe, switching from Populist to Popwar Skateboards, filming for Time To Shine, getting on Element, TM and Pro for New Balance and much more

Skaters In Cars Chris Cole Episode [14/5/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters in Cars, host Chris Nieratko meets up with X Games 2018 Real Street silver medalist and fan favorite Chris Cole to reminisce over a few of Coles L.A. favorites.

Life of Ementa SB Episode 1 [12/5/2018]
Life of Ementa its a saga based on real life events...or maybe not. It shows the daily life of EmentaSB, their skate sessions, their ideas and inventions. Main goal of each episode is Skate for Fun.

Weedmaps Road To Spannabis Episode 1 [10/5/2018]
The Weedmaps team trekked from Lisbon, Portugal, around the north of Spain, and down to Barcelona for the Spannabis Cup. Roll up with episode one.

The Nine Club Episode 95 [8/5/2018]
Chris Cole discusses growing up in Statesville North Carolina, going to Love Park for the first time, getting on World Industries, skating for Enjoi, leaving Enjoi for Zero, Circa, Fallen, DC, getting on Plan B, tricks down Wallenberg, winning SOTY twice, his new X-games Real Street part, and much more!

Episode: Weakdays Koreatown [4/5/2018]
Koreatown has endless spots, every other house had a spot better than the one before.

Episode: Skateline 01-05-2018 [3/5/2018]
Magnus Bordewick, Chris Joslin, Trevor Colden, Jaws, Samarria Brevard, Infinity War?

Gronze Island Episode 1 Gran Canaria [1/5/2018]
Max Geronzi, Kilian, Deedz and posse kick off a new feature with a voyage to the Canary Islands. Next stop Sicily!

The Nine Club Episode 94 [1/5/2018]
Chris Joslin discusses growing up in Hawaiian Gardens CA, skating the Hollywood 12 at 12 years old, getting his first sponsor Powell, leaving Powell for Plan B, getting married at 21, filming his first major video part B True, his first pro shoe with Etnies, his new video part in the Etnies video Album, did he skate El Toro and much more!

My City Episode 9 Milton Martinez [27/4/2018]
In Episode 9 of My City we visit Milton Martinez from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Tour Footage: Inca Skate Trail Episode 1 [27/4/2018]
Join a skate trip to discover the unique spots and local skaters connected by the ancient Inca road system linking modern-day Peru and Bolivia!

Episode: Skateline 24-04-2018 [26/4/2018]
Shane ONeill, Gonz, Guy Mariano Hall Of Fame, Alex Midler Pro.

Skaters In Cars: Lizzie Armanto Episode [25/4/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters in Cars, host Chris Nieratko meets up with So Cal park ripper Lizzie Armanto to discuss her favorite skateparks and the growth of international womens skateboarding.

Episode: Skateline 17-04-2018 [19/4/2018]
Lil Wayne Skate Part, Pizza Michael Pulizzi, Girl In China, Cody Subido.

The Nine Club Episode 92 [19/4/2018]
This week Heath Brinkley discusses growing up in Nashville TN, picking up his first video camera, getting offered a job to start Logic Video Magazine, moving out to California, filming the Chaffey crew, getting a job filming for City Stars, making the City Stars video Street Cinema, leaving City Stars to become the team manager at DC Shoes, getting the opportunity to rebuild the Etnies team, working for Paul Rodriguez, starting Primitive Skateboards and much more!

Episode: Skateline 10-04-2018 [14/4/2018]
Luan Oliveira VS Tiago Lemos, Kyle Walker, Ryan Lay, Tyson Peterson, Dustin Dollin.

Episode: SkateHoarders NHS Factory [14/4/2018]
Jeff Kendall takes us on a trip through time in part of the NHS offices and factory. No shortage of nostalgia (or history) herefrom old ads to graphics that never ran, original screens, one-offs, old Indys and even the first-ever Santa Cruz board... Sit back, settle in and enjoy the tour that only scratches the surface of this factory of treasures. If you ever get a chance to visit this place, do it.

The Nine Club Episode 91 [14/4/2018]
This week Ishod Wair to discuss growing up in New Jersey, learning kickflips in his neighbors driveway, moving to Philly when he was 18 years old, getting on Nike SB, Real Skateboards and Fourstar within a month, the Love gap, moving out to California, waving off ledges in his Tampa Pro run, his new Nike SB colorways coming soon and much more!

Episode: Skateline 03-04-2018 [14/4/2018]
Grant Taylor, Jaws, Bryan Herman, Ronnie Sandoval, Trevor McClung Pro.

Ride The Lightning Chris Cole Episode [13/4/2018]
Revolver hang with two-time Skater of the Year and street-skating icon Chris Cole, who explains the type of mental circuitry thats necessary for his sport and to take the kind of beatdowns that comes with the territory. As Cole sees it, heavy metal also has those types of individuals relentless and resilient which is why he relates to the metal crowd so much. Theres tons of rad guitarists out there, but I just like the form of metal music more, enthuses the skater. Watch Cole tear it up at The Berrics and get loose in some legit street action.

Almost A Minute Episode 15 [28/3/2018]
Youness fun in the cold, Yuris varian flip and Almost Ambassador Phillip Ceja.

The Nine Club Episode 90 [27/3/2018]
Aaron Meza discusses growing up in South San Francisco CA, skating at EMB for the first time, James Kelch randomly asking him to film a line, making the fist FTC video Finally, filming for videos like Questionable and Love Child, making the second FTC video Penal Code 100A, working for Girl Skateboards, getting hired as the editor of Skateboarder Magazine, working for Vice and much more!

The Nine Club Episode 89 [23/3/2018]
This week on The Nine Club Vincent Alvarez discusses growing up in East LA, moving back and forth between Atlanta and LA, meeting Jake Johnson at Woodward, getting on Neighborhood but never got a box, working at a meat packing factory, winning the King Of LA contest, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, filming for the Lakai video The Flare, skating for Dickies, working on his part in the upcoming Transworld video Duets with Zack Wallin and much more!

Episode: Skateline 20-03-2018 [23/3/2018]
Nora Vasconcellos, El Toro iPhone Footy, Alex Midler, Jack Olson and more.

Episode: Skate Nerd Dominick Walker vs Chase Webb [23/3/2018]
This time, Dominick Walker and Chase Webb square off in the Skate Nerd dojo! See who knows more useless knowledge about useless wooden toys!

Episode: SkateHoarders with Steve Caballero [23/3/2018]
For the second installment of SkateHoarders, we get a tour of OG Bones Brigader (and TWS first cover boy), Steve Caballeros house to get a look at everything from his insane vintage skateboard collection to his vintage pinball and arcade games and, well, literally everything in between!

The Nine Club Episode 88 [23/3/2018]
This week Jerry Hsu discusses growing up in San Jose CA, ordering his first skateboard from the back of a Thrasher Magazine, making a 25 minute sponsor me video, getting on Maple Skateboards, moving out of his parents house at 18, Osiris The Storm video and the infamous Storm Flip, quitting Maple for Enjoi, filming for Bag Of Suck, the Tilt Mode videos, getting on Chocolate Skateboards, photography, starting his own brand Sci-Fi Fantasy and much more!

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