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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Tour Footage: United States of Whatever Episode 4 [14/7/2018]
After more than 30 days on the road, sleeping on floors, couches, eating fast food, long nights, longer days and non-stop skating, youre bound to start missing your routine back home. The tour wraps up as the crew skates and demoes through Michigan, Minnesota and Nebraska. They talk skating, life on the road and give some reflection on what Zero represents as a brand in 2018. Zero or Die!

Tour Footage: United States of Whatever Episode 3 [12/7/2018]
With a van full of mid-to-late 20 year old dudes, a trip to Bam Margeras house is better than Disneyland. From Jackass to Viva La Bam to all of his video parts, this house has some history. The fact that it was during Bams birthday was the icing on the cake. And Tancownys butt-naked carve... itd be insulting not to. The crew goes wild deep into the night, skating Bams barn, laying down tracks in the CKY studio, and touring that infamous house we all grew up watching.

Tour Footage: United States of Whatever Episode 2 [12/7/2018]
The rain demo. You might remember seeing it surface on Instagram last summer, now get the full story and the full video from Reggies hometown park in Columbus, Georgia. From there the crew demoes through Nashville to visit the dudes at Sixth Ave., Jamie Tancowny hops in the van, they venture to Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and then enjoy some downtime at a lake house in South Carolinajetskis and all.

Tour Footage: Red Bull Petals Of Morocco Episode [12/7/2018]
Join the first leg of Red Bulls four city skate odyssey across magical Morocco.

Tour Footage: United States of Whatever Episode 1 [12/7/2018]
Just around this time last year, the Zero team set out on an ambitious road trip in their 12-year-old, 15-passenger vancargo trailer in towpreparing for the longest Zero tour to date: 36 days, 29 demos/events, and nearly 10,000 miles covered. The goal was to meet up with shops, do some demos, link up with some Zero fans across the US and in between it all, stack some clips for the upcoming Zero video, Damn It All.

Echoes From The Road Episode 1 [9/7/2018]
Episode 1 Directed by Ludovic Azemar.

The Nine Club Episode 103 [9/7/2018]
Brandon Turner discusses moving to Japan at a young age, knocking on Peter Smoliks door to go skate, getting on Voice Skateboards, Chad Muska calling him to get on Shortys, filming for Fulfill The Dream, getting hit by a car breaking his leg and flatlining, Osiris trips, leaving Shortys for Sk8Mafia, making music and much more!

Element Clips Episode 04 [9/7/2018]
No strangers to travel, heres what the Element team got up to in the last couple of weeks.

Episode: Out of Sight Thrash Can [9/7/2018]
K-Dubs / Oakland : Skating teaches us to look at our surroundings different. Walls and obstacles become opportunities. Youth Activist and Artist Keith K-Dubs Williams sees Oakland as a place for positive change, taking action and creating new environments for the youth. You will never look at a trash container as just a place to throw garbage again.

Road to Recovery Episode 1: The Terrible Triad [9/7/2018]
Follow Paul Rodriguez journey throughout this series.

Thrill Of It All Episode 05 Oliver Percovich [6/7/2018]
In this episode Oliver Percovich talks with Jamie about his passion for the youth and the heart warming story of Skateistan, the Award Winning NGO that has been able to overcome the toughest racial, gender and socioeconomic boundaries in Afghanistan, Cambodia & South Africa.

Nord og Ned Monthly June 2018 Episode [6/7/2018]
Christine, Hvard, Sindre, Fred Inge, Mattis and Henrik.

Boards Eye View Aaron Jaws Homoki Episode [25/6/2018]
Boards Eye View is a new video series that gives a different perspective to skateboarding!

Thrill Of It All Episode 03 Chris Joslin [22/6/2018]
In this episode, Chris Joslin talks with Jamie about starting skating at an early age, tough times with his parents, being a prodigy and getting on Powell, filming video parts, his 360 flip attempts down El Toro, his burning drive and how he got the confidence to do all that he does.

Thrill Of It All Episode 02 Keith Hufnagel [21/6/2018]
In this episode, Keith Hufnagel talks with Jamie about growing up skateboarding in New York, moving to California, telling his parents he dropped out of college, the early years of his career, turning Pro for FUN, getting on REAL, the DC Supertour, the DVS video Skate More, starting HUF and the many phases of the influential brand.

Episode: Skateline 19-06-2018 [20/6/2018]
Austyn Gillette, Paul Rodriguez, Erick Winkowski, Christian Maalouf, Trent McClung

Skaters In Cars Ryan DeCenzo Episode [20/6/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters In Cars, host Chris Nieratko explores some of the finer Orange County skate spots with X Games Austin 2016 Skateboard Street gold medalist Ryan DeCenzo.

Episode: Out of Sight Uprise / Chicago [19/6/2018]
As the world changes around us daily one truth remains for a scene to grow and survive it needs a heart to keep it going. For 20 years now Uriah, Ken and the crew from Uprise have steadfastly given the skaters of Chicago a place that they can depend on, where all who walk through doors can feel at home. This is the story of how and why they keep it going.

Off The Grid Sommer and Galasso Episode [16/6/2018]
Didrik Nordidrik Galasso and Michael Nordic Summer Sommer rip Oslo in the latest Off The Grid.

Thrill of it All Episode 1 Chad Muska [13/6/2018]
This is the first episode of Jamie Thomas new podcast and multi-media show, Thrill Of It All. In this episode Jamie talks with Chad Muska about his life, growing up skateboarding in Las Vegas and phoenix, his drive to make it out, the Toy Machine Welcome to Hell era, starting Shortys, exploring his passion for design, music and art as well as the toll injuries have taken and how hyped he is on skating.

Episode: Ekko on 40 Years Since Skateboard Ban [12/6/2018]
In the late 70s skating was considered so dangerous that it was completely banned in Norway, and over night teens who wanted to stand on a skateboard were viewed as criminals. They had to hide in the woods or cross the border to the land of freedom, Sweden. But when the ban was lifted, skaters became the new heroes and today skateboarding is an Olympic sport. Has it stayed true to itself?

The Nine Club Episode 100 [11/6/2018]
Tony Hawk discusses his brother giving him his first skateboard and that board ending up in the Smithsonian, getting on Powell Peralta, filming The Search For Animal Chin, starting Birdhouse, doing 50 tricks at age 50, the 900, why he started The Tony Hawk Foundation, Tony Hawks Pro Skater video games, getting on Lakai Footwear, the technique for doing the loop, getting slimed on Nickelodeon and much more!

Episode: Skateboard Tricks with Physics Girl [7/6/2018]
Skateboarding legend Rodney Mullen teams up with Physics Girl to explain the unusual physics behind skateboard tricks, and why the impossible should be called the impossible.

Episode: Campbell and Wilson Free Lunch Interview [7/6/2018]
Aidan Campbell and Cole Wilson on Free Lunch.

The Nine Club Episode 99 [4/6/2018]
Steven Cales discusses growing up in Brooklyn NY, getting on Alva flow and buying $20 boards, flying out to California for the first time, skating for Blue Skateboards, Gonz putting him on ATM Click, going to prison for the first time, leaving 60/40 for World Industries, his battle with drugs, getting shot in the face, skating for Menace, recently getting sober and much more!

Cara Beth Burnside Broadly Episode [4/6/2018]
For this episode of Boardly, we meet up with Cara-Beth Burnside, better known as CB, a trailblazing skateboarder and snowboarder.

Element Clips Episode 03 [1/6/2018]
No strangers to travel, heres what the Element team got up to in the last couple of weeks.

Nord og Ned Monthly May 2018 Episode [1/6/2018]
Hvard, Mattis, Fred Inge, Kristine, Mathilde and Janis.

Episode: Skateline 29-05-2018 [31/5/2018]
Jamie Foy, Austyn Gillette, Chris Joslin, Aurelien Giraud, 13 Reasons Why, Didrik Galasso.

Blow n Up The Spot Potrero Skatepark Episode [31/5/2018]
Potrero del Sol is one of the sickest parks to float around with the crew. Heres a taste of some on site with Dylan Witkin, Zach Allen, Clive Dixon, and more! Fire it up!

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