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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Sandefjord Skatepark Official Opening [15/9/2017]
The new skatepark in Sandefjord is being officially opened Sunday 17th September, 2017.

Kuba Skatepark Fundraiser [15/9/2017]
A fundraiser for the planned concrete skatepark at Kuba in Oslo is being held Saturday 16th September, 2017.

Fagernes Skatepark Skatejam 2017 Footage [15/9/2017]
A party and skatejam was held at the updated Fagernes Skatepark in conjuncion with the citys ten year anniversary.

Chico Skatepark Expansion [15/9/2017]
Chico skate park gets final approval for expansion.

Small Dole Reopens Skatepark [15/9/2017]
A skate park in Small Dole has been reopened to the public after a refurbishment funded by Upper Beeding Parish Council.

Newburgh Skatepark Construction [15/9/2017]
Newburgh begins construction and the new skatepark is expected to be ready in December, 2017.

Exeter is getting a new skatepark [15/9/2017]
A new facility is to be built at Arena Park to replace the dilapidated skate park at the same location.

Steelton Opens Skatepark [15/9/2017]
A town once known for steel could now become a mini-mecca for skateboarding, with the grand opening of the new skatepark 23rd September, 2017.

Ellwood City To Renovate Skatepark [15/9/2017]
The borough skatepark is in for an upgrade this fall.

Safety Concerns at Market Daryton Skatepark [15/9/2017]
Fences call over safety concerns at new 150,000 Market Drayton skate park.

Kern River Skatepark Push [15/9/2017]
Push for skate park in Kern River Valley continues

Wants Concrete Skatepark In Sioux Falls [15/9/2017]
A new group hopes to see a concrete skate park built under the viaduct in downtown Sioux Falls.

Steelton Skatepark Checkout [15/9/2017]
Nathan DeMuro leads a tour of Steeltons new skate park and users demonstrate its features.

What Steelton Skatepark Contributes [15/9/2017]
Organizers and skaters tell why Steelton needed a skate park.

Cookeville One Step Closer To Skatepark [15/9/2017]
Cookeville-area skateboarders who have been waiting for years to have a local place to skate heard some good news last week with the city councils approval of an engineering contract.

Jrpeland Skatepark Plans [15/9/2017]
Jrpeland is planning to build a skatepark.

Halden Skatepark Opening Postponed [9/9/2017]
The official opening of the updated skatepark in Halden was postponed due to rain, and is being held 16th September, 2017.

Concrete Skateparks Raw iPhone Footy [6/9/2017]
Christer Syversen gives you this iPhone edit from various concrete skateparks in Norway.

Tempers Flare At Rockaway Beach Skatepark [6/9/2017]
Tensions escalated after people were turned away from a public skateboard park in Rockaway Beach, because it was closed for repairs on Labor Day.

St Louis Skatepark Upgrade [6/9/2017]
St. Louis Only Legal Outdoor Skate Park Prepares to Unveil a Huge Upgrade.

New Skatepark in Middletown [6/9/2017]
New Middletown skate park draws a crowd

Suvilahden Skatepark Makeover [5/9/2017]
The DIY skatepark in Helsinki got some fresh paint and a new fence this summer.

Auli Skatepark Has Opened [5/9/2017]
The new skatepark at Aulifeltet has opened.

Flledparken Skatepark Vert Update [5/9/2017]
The vert ramp at Flledparken Skatepark is being fixed.

Halden Skatepark Opening [2/9/2017]
The updated skatepark in Halden is being officially opened on Saturday 9th September, 2017.

Oslo Indoor Skatepark Fixes [2/9/2017]
The vert and outdoor skatepark at Oslo Skatehall is being fixed.

Emblem Skatepark Gets Asphalt [29/8/2017]
The concrete skatepark in lesund got some new asphalt.

Sandefjord Skatepark Closer To Funding Goal [29/8/2017]
Sandefjord Skatepark only lacks 500.000 NOK for stage two of the skatepark, after a contribution from Bjrn Ole Gleditsch.

Big Spring Skatepark Has Opened [28/8/2017]
Big Spring Skatepark held its grand opening, bringing new life and new energy to Lewistown.

FWB Gets New Skatepark Addition [28/8/2017]
The $120,000 skate bowl is the second addition to the Fort Walton Beach bmx and skateboarding park that first opened in December 2015.

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