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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Plants Delay Linda Vista Skatepark Opening [15/1/2018]
The planting and establishment of the plants is the reason why the new Linda Vista Skatepark is delayed, and it looks like the park will not open until February, 2018.

Savannah Demolishing Abandoned Skatepark [15/1/2018]
Savannah demolishing abandoned skate park for new community park.

Ryhl To Get Skatepark [15/1/2018]
Rhyl bowling green club set for skatepark.

Enid Reveals Conceptual Skatepark Drawings [15/1/2018]
City of Enid Parks and Recreation Department recently unveiled conceptual drawings for a new skate park in Enid.

Quakertown Skatepark Nearing $1M Goal [15/1/2018]
Efforts spearheaded by a faith-based youth organization and the borough to rehabilitate a skate park in Quakertown is nearing its $1 million funding goal after getting $350,000 in state grants recently.

McAllen Opens Skatepark [15/1/2018]
The McAllen city park located at 29th Street and Uvalde Avenue now features a skateboard park.

Sherwood Park Gets Indoor Skatepark [15/1/2018]
The Boneyard Skatepark in Sherwood Park, Canada, is expected to open in March.

Harbour Skatepark Temporarily Closed [15/1/2018]
The Ports of Jersey has temporarily closed the skatepark at the New North Quay because of safety concerns.

Taghazout Skatepark Opening Footage [11/1/2018]
The new skatepark in Taghazout, Marocco, was opened last month.

Magz and Shaw at Arena Bekkestua Skatepark [11/1/2018]
Magz and Shaw visits the indoor skatepark at Bekkestua in this Blowin Up The Spot clip from Joergen Johannessen

Commercial: Taghazout Skatepark Moroccan Doorway [11/1/2018]
Short clip from Make Life Skate Life to promote the new skatepark in Taghazout, Morocco.

Milton Martinez at Vans Huntington Beach Skatepark [10/1/2018]
When Milton goes Full On Attack Mode, you know youre in for some heavy shit... Who we kiddin?!.. Miltons always in Attack Mode! Heres some footage of Milton Martinez enjoying an average session at Vans HB Park in this Blown Up The Spot from Independent

Wants Schedule At New Carlos Paz Skatepark [10/1/2018]
Due to the accidents that were registered since the recent inauguration of the skatepark, the municipality has been asked to set a schedule.

Grou Gets Skatepark Funding [10/1/2018]
The province will make 35,000 euros available for a skate park in Grou, Netherland. The organizing foundation behind the skatepark expects that the construction can start next spring.

Paimpol To Get Skatepark [10/1/2018]
A new 120 000 skatepark is coming to Paimpol, France.

Moulins Gets Skatepark In 2019 [10/1/2018]
A skatepark is coming to Moulins, France, in 2019.

Linda Vista Skatepark Drone Video [6/1/2018]
Here is some drone footage from the new Linda Vista Skatepark in San Diego.

Protests Against Planned Vannes Skatepark [5/1/2018]
APPV does not want the skatepark at the planned location.

Wilmington Skatepark Not Happening [4/1/2018]
City officials, who held optimistic photo ops and raised thousands of private and public dollars since 2001, never delivered.

Referendum For Olfen Skatepark [4/1/2018]
On the 14th of January, it will be up to the citizens whether Olfen will get a new skatepark or not.

New Location For Anderlecht Skatepark [4/1/2018]
Anderlecht Skatepark will open at a new location on 3rd February, 2018.

Rene Villumsen at Lssesgade Skatepark [31/12/2017]
Rene Villumsen skates the skatepark at Lssesgade Skole in Aarhus.

Park View of Skatepark Spreitenbach [31/12/2017]
Here is a park view video from the skatepark in Spreitenbach, Switzerland.

Park View of Skatepark Dietikon [31/12/2017]
Here is a park view video from Dietikon Skatepark in Switzerland.

Park View of Skatepark Monchaltdorf [31/12/2017]
Here is a park view video from Monchaltdorf Skatepark in Switzerland.

Park View of Nafels Skatepark [31/12/2017]
Here is a park view video from the skatepark in Nafels, Switzerland.

Park View of Rolling Rock Skatepark [31/12/2017]
Here is a park view video from the Rolling Rock skatepark in Aarau, Switzerland.

Tahlequah Skatepark Renovation [31/12/2017]
Skaters in Tahlequah received a present this holiday season, as the first part of renovations to the city skate park were completed for Christmas day.

Problems with new Woignarue Skatepark [31/12/2017]
The metal at Skatepark Ault-Onival has rusted.

Wants Roof Over Stjrdal Skatepark [30/12/2017]
Stjrdal Skateboardforening are looking into getting a roof over the skatepark.

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