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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Exeter Reopens Temporary Skatepark [16/11/2017]
Skatepark back up and running in Exeter with temporary equipment.

New Skatepark In Geldern [16/11/2017]
A new skatepark has been opened in Geldern, Germany.

Channel Street Skatepark Could Reopen [16/11/2017]
Things are looking up for prospects to reopen San Pedros once-underground Channel Street Skate Park which has been mired in bureaucracy in the past few years as it tries to meet the citys many specifications.

Sweden Could Get More Skateparks [16/11/2017]
The possibility of skateparks in Stngby, Sdra Sandby, Genarp and Veberd is being in looked into after Sderlyckan Skatepark has become one of the most popular skateparks in Sweden.

USK Visits Notodden Indoor Skatepark [11/11/2017]
Ullensaker Skateboardklubb visited Notodden Skatehall last month.

Recomends Skateparks In Lillesand [11/11/2017]
Helse-, kultur- og velferdsutvalget recomended indoor and outdoor skateparks instead Of Iceskating and sandvolley, to the city council in Lillesand.

To Much Noise To Use Skatepark [10/11/2017]
A different noise problem in Sandefjord, where students at Haukerd skole in Sandefjord are not allowed to use the skatepark during school hours, because of to much noise from the road.

Skatepark Delays In Mandal [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Mandal is delayed after Wheelscape called back all their workers due to lack of money to pay their salery. Landskapsentreprenren has been chosen to complete the project.

RIP Sykkylven Skatepark [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Sykkylven has been torn down without warning.

Trash at Strandpromenaden Skatepark [9/11/2017]
Complaints about garbage at the skatepark made the local paper in Lillehammer.

Illegal Duck Island Skatepark Lawsuit [3/11/2017]
A Seattle skate shop and 20 John and Jane Does who allegedly damaged Green Lakes Duck Island by covertly building a skate park there are the target of a civil suit filed today by the City Attorneys Office.

Enterprise Opens Skatepark [3/11/2017]
Nearly two years after announcing the project, the city of Enterprise Skate Park will officially open with a ribbon cutting Saturday, Nov. 4th, 2017.

Community Wants Lynchburg Skatepark Reopened [2/11/2017]
The Save our Skate Park initiative is working to get the outdoor skatepark in downtown Lynchburg reopened.

Grand Prairie Park Skatepark Expansion [1/11/2017]
Bikers, skaters, and scooter riders are working with the city to upgrade the skatepark after the Grande Prairie Skatepark Association met with the city earlier this month. The construction of the park by New Line Skateparks is scheduled to start in spring 2018, and is budgeted at $475,000.

Abu Dhabi Plans Skatepark [1/11/2017]
Abu Dhabis first skate park and new waterfront promenade planned as part of Marina Mall expansion.

Pushed Out Of Own Skatepark [1/11/2017]
Stemmen RM Srum says the decision to allow kickbikes and inline at Oslo Skatepark, will impact the skateboard communitys smallest groups; beginners, children and girls the most.

Vision Skatepark Closes [1/11/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand is closing 30th November 2017.

Support Vgen Skatepark Miniramp [1/11/2017]
Kristiansund Skateklubb is raising money to replace the surface on the miniramp at Vgen Skatepark.

Annapurna Skatepark Confuzine Feature [1/11/2017]
Confuzine Magazine has an article about Annapurna Skatepark in Nepal.

Tahlequah Skatepark Overhaul [30/10/2017]
Renovations started to the Tahlequah Skatepark located within Sequoyah City Park, with the demolition of much of the existing surface.

Ketchum Renovates Skatepark [30/10/2017]
New terrain and art features has been added to the Guy Coles Skatepark in Ketchum.

New Skatepark In Shawinigan [30/10/2017]
The new skatepark in Shawinigan has become popular.

Vandalism at Buda Skatepark [30/10/2017]
Over the last several months someone has been frequently vandalizing the Jackson Tyler Norris Memorial Skate Park in the City of Buda.

Thornbury Skatepark Redevelopment Plans [30/10/2017]
A public consultation has been launched today over plans to redevelop Thornburys skate park.

Plans To Upgrade Swanmore Skatepark [30/10/2017]
Parishioners and skate park users are invited to give their views on the design, which will see a modern concrete design replace the current metal version.

Whitehorse Skatepark Support [30/10/2017]
Whitehorse council supports request for new skateboard park.

Italian evening for skatepark and track [30/10/2017]
Fundraising for the Monmouth Skatepark took a tasty turn when a slap-up meal was laid on, Italian style.

CCTV Against Grafitti at John Lomas Skatepark [30/10/2017]
A suggestion to install CCTV cameras at the John Lomas Skate Park has been welcomed by its regulars, who use the facility daily.

Badger Stranded at Brinton Park Skatepark [27/10/2017]
A stranded badger was given a helping hand by the RSPCA after it got stuck in a childrens skate park in Kidderminster.

Vision Skatepark Could Have To Close [26/10/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Kristiansand could have to close due to lack of funds.

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