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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Team Update: Element Pro Alex Lawton [3/12/2017]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Alex Lawton to the pro team.

Team Update: Bronson Speed Co [3/12/2017]
Bronson Speed Co has welcomed Lacey Baker and Samarria Brevard to the team.

Team Update: Samarria Brevard on enjoi [3/12/2017]
Samarria Brevard has joined the enjoi Skateboards pro team.

Team Update: Tyler Peterson For Bronson Speed Co [1/12/2017]
Bronson Speed Co. welcomes Tyson Peterson to The Next Generation.

Team Update: Leticia Bufoni Turned Pro With Plan B [23/11/2017]
Leticia Bufoni is pro for Plan B Skateboards.

Team Update: Ryan Townley For Bronson Speed Co [22/11/2017]
Bronson Speed Co. is Proud to Welcome Ryan Townley to the Next Generation Team! Townleys speed and unique approach speaks for itself... Welcome to the Team, Ryan!

Team Update: Zachary Kovacs For Bronson Speed Co [22/11/2017]
The Newest addition to the Next Generation Bearings Team. Heres a few quick clips of Duckys recent accomplishments.

Team Update: Pizza Pro Ducky [16/11/2017]
Ducky has turned pro with Pizza Skateboards.

Team Update: Bobby Gray on Trap [27/10/2017]
Trap Skateboards Welcomes Bobby Gray.

Team Update: Ben Raybourn on OJ Wheels [18/10/2017]
Unless youve been under a rock, you should know what to expect here: Raybourn ravages through any terrain in his path ending it all with an insane NBD at Burnside.

Team Update: Alex Ramirez on Bronson Speed Co [2/10/2017]
Power and finesse comes to mind when you watch Bronsons newest team rider, Alex Ramirez destroy this San Diego park. Welcome to the Next Generation, Alexis!..

Team Update: Taylor Kirby on Bronson Speed Co [27/9/2017]
Bronson welcoming the newest member to the Next Generation Bearings Team, Taylor Kirby..

Team Update: Baker Pro T-Funk [18/9/2017]
Tristan Funkhouser is the newest Baker pro.

Team Update: Bam Back On Element [9/9/2017]
Element Skateboards has welcomed Bam Margera back to the team.

Team Update: Alexis Sablone On Weekend [9/9/2017]
WKND Skateboards has welcomed Alexis Sablone to the team.

Team Update: Yndiara Asp on Santa Cruz [5/9/2017]
Santa Cruz Skateboards has welcomed 19 year old Yndiara Asp from Brazil to the team!

Team Update: Kelvin Hoefler For Bronson Speed Co [15/8/2017]
Introducing Kelvin Hoefler to the Next Generation Bearings Team.

Team Update: Kevin Bækkel For Bronson Speed Co [7/5/2017]
Bronson Speed Co are proud to welcome the Norwegian Hammer, aka Kevin Baekkel to the Next Generation Bearings Team!

Team Update: Axel Cruysberghs on Bronson Speed Co [24/4/2017]
Next Generation Bearings welcomes Axel Cruysberghs to the team! Heres a minute of Axel crushing spots with his crew in the streets.

Team Update: Nora Vasconcellos For Bronson [18/4/2017]
Proudly welcoming Nora Vasconcellos to the #NextGenerationBearings Team!

Team Update: Vice Skateboards [29/3/2017]
Introducing Jc Mazza and Lester Cepero To Vice Skateboards.

Team Update: New Alien Workshop Pros [21/2/2017]
Yaje and Joey are the newest Alien Workshop pro team riders.

Team Update: Element Skateboards [3/1/2017]
Andrew Beauchamp and Trent Riley has been welcomed to the Element Skateboards family.

Team Update: Ishod Wair For Bronson Speed Co [16/12/2016]
Bronson welcoming Ishod Wair as the Newest Addition to the #NextGenerationBearings Team!

Team Update: Girl Skateboards [10/11/2016]
Girl Skateboards introduced Tyler Pacheco and Simon Bannerot last month.

Team Update: Joan Galceran on Jart [13/10/2016]
Jart Skateboards has welcomed Joan Galceran to the team.

Team Update: John Mitsel on Emerica Greece [13/10/2016]
Emerica Greece has welcomed John Mitsel to the team.

Team Update: Osiris [13/10/2016]
Peter Smolik and Tyrone Olson is now back on Osiris.

Team Update: Walker Ryan on DVS [11/10/2016]
DVS Shoe Company has welcomed Walker Ryan to the pro team.

Team Update: Joey Jett on Street Plant [11/10/2016]
Back in August, Street Plant welcomed Joey Jett to the team. Here is the video.

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