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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Dangerous Skatepark Seating? [25/10/2017]
Concerns has been raised about the seating at the newly opened Alex Skate Park.

Suvilahti DIY Skatepark Could Be Demolished [24/10/2017]
The world famous DIY skatepark in Helsinki is under threat of demolition, as the construction of the Kalasatama and Suvilahti area is proceeding.

Bryggeriet Skatepark Opening 2017 Footage [24/10/2017]
Here is some footage from the opening of the new Bryggeriet Skatepark.

Trikkestallen Skatepark Completes New Bowl [24/10/2017]
A new bowl without the center pole has been completed at the indoor skatepark in Trondheim.

Make Life Skate Life Plans Taghazout Skatepark [24/10/2017]
In the past two decades, the number of skateboarders in Morocco has increased significantly, reaching an estimated 5000 today. Despite the lack of proper facilities, skateboarding in Morocco has gained enormous popularity. In collaboration with the municipality of Taghazout, local skaters and businesses, Make Life Skate LIfe developed Taghazout Skatepark, a project to build a 450m community skatepark at the village municipal sport complex.

Support Tikkutehdas DIY Skatepark [24/10/2017]
Vote for Tikkutehdas DIY Skatepark to win up to 2000 euros / season.

Turku DIY Skatepark In Danger [24/10/2017]
A new town plan could affect the DIY skate park in Turku, with the first steps of the building work scheduled to begin in 2019.

Time Runs Out For Vaasa DIY Skatepark [24/10/2017]
As the city of Vaasa expands, the time for the citys DIY skatepark is running out.

Mwadlands Skatepark Opening [23/10/2017]
Palace are opening their new skatepark Mwadlands, based on the original Radlands, in Peckham on Wednesday October 25th, 2017.

Teversham Could Loose Skatepark Over Noisy Kids [23/10/2017]
A Cambridge skatepark could be flattened because kids are too noisy. Teversham Parish Council has received legal orders to tackle the problem.

Pueblo Skatepark Got New Paint [23/10/2017]
Scouts from Troop 583 in Pueblo came together on Saturday to help one member achieve the title of Eagle Scout, by painting Pueblos city park.

Kingsville Got Skatepark [23/10/2017]
The new skatepark in Kingsville, designed and built by SPA Skateparks, has been officially opened.

Charlton Skatepark Has Opened [23/10/2017]
Unperturbed by Storm Brian, a decent crowd showed up in Charlton Park to witness the official opening of the skatepark.

Frankford Skatepark Officially Opened [23/10/2017]
While Saturday saw the official opening of the new 10.000 square feet Frankford skate park, it was nothing new to the many local youth who had been hitting the concrete ramps, rails and steps of he new attraction since construction completed back in August.

Rusty Berrings Skatepark Reopened [23/10/2017]
West Lebanons Rusty Berrings Skatepark celebrated its reopening after a refurbishing that included replacing the parks original wooden features with concrete.

Intimidating Fireworks at Hyson Green Skatepark [23/10/2017]
Residents feel intimidated by youths setting off fireworks at a Hyson Green skatepark

Goor Skatepark Expansion [21/10/2017]
The skatepark in Goor got some new obstacles that are being opeend on 25th October, 2017

Gjvik Skatepark Stage 2 Construction [18/10/2017]
Betongpark is expanding the skatepark in Gjvik.

Concrete Dinosaurs Part 3: Livingston Skatepark [18/10/2017]
The Concrete Dinosaurs crew of Raven Tershy, Rune Glifberg, Ben Hatchell and Sam Beckett hooked up with local heads for a power shred at the UKs most celebrated concrete skatepark of all.

Soleklar Skatepark Ready Next Month? [18/10/2017]
The new skatepark in Mandal being built by Landskapsentreprenrene AS could be ready next month.

Wants Skatepark at Falck Ytters Plass [18/10/2017]
Falck Ytters Skateboardklubb is a local skateboard organisation for St Hanshaugen and Ila, that are working to allow skatebording at Falck Ytters Plass in Oslo.

Hastings Skatepark Nominated For Award [18/10/2017]
The Source skate park has been shortlisted for a national award.

Tagging at Frde Skatepark [18/10/2017]
Skaters in Frde are worried after the skatepark got tagged.

Plans To Renovate Badet Skatepark [18/10/2017]
The skaters in Eidsvoll are working on a plan to renovate Badet Skatepark in 2018.

Nord og Ned at Flyahallen Skatepark [9/10/2017]
Footage from the indoor skatepark in Troms, shot during the months of February and March 2017.

Krokstadelva Skatepark Completed [9/10/2017]
Betonpark has completed the new skate plaza at Krokstadelva.

Popular Skatepark In Steelton [9/10/2017]
Steelton skate park attracting people from all over the region and beyond.

Newquay Gets New Skatepark [9/10/2017]
A new skatepark will replace the existing Wooden Waves skatepark at Trenance Park, after Newquay town council secured 650,000 of funding. Work is due to start next year.

Kenneli DIY Skatepark To Discuss Street Course [9/10/2017]
Skaters are invited to give their input on the new street course at Kenneli DIY Skatepark in Tampere on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.

Mt Thrashmore Skatepark Redesign [9/10/2017]
The skate park at Mount Trashmore will be redesigned with new ramps and a new layout this winter. The proposed concepts are aimed at skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers. The vert ramp, adjacent to the skate park, will remain as is.

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