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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Tom Remillard at Garvanza Skatepark [20/7/2017]
Let TWS Video Alumnus Tom Remillard loose in a skatepark and hes gonna kill it. A few clips of Eric Dressen never hurt a damn thing either.

Dixon Closes Skatepark [19/7/2017]
The Dixon Park District shut down the GenNex Teen Center and Skatepark less than a month after it opened, because the citys insurance company deemed it unsafe.

Vgen Skatepark KSU24/7 Feature [18/7/2017]
KSU24/7 visited the skatepark at Vgen in Kristiansund.

Atlanta Demolish DIY Skatepark [16/7/2017]
Skaters who were trying to work with the state to save their secret skatepark were taken by surprise, Wednesday, after the demolition crews suddenly started tearing it apart. The city argue that the construction techniques used to build it were extremly unsafe and could contribute to structural failure and injuries or death.

New Skatepark In Bar Harbour [16/7/2017]
With the recent grand opening of the long-awaited MDI Skatepark on Park Street in Bar Harbor, skateboarders, roller bladers and BMX bikers have enjoyed free reign of their new playland.

New Skatepark in Stockholm [16/7/2017]
The new Drakens Skateboardsplats in Stocholm has been opened.

Mysen Skatepark Upgrade [15/7/2017]
The new skatepark in Mysen will be one of the biggest in Østfold.

An Ordinary Day At Stjrdal Skatepark [14/7/2017]
Jonas Ulseth made an edit from an ordinary day at the concrete skatepark in Stjrdal.

Haugesund Gets Downtown Skatepark [14/7/2017]
With 500.000 from the municipality and 300.000 from the lottery fund, Haugesund is getting a new downtown skatepark.

Lakeside Resident Upset Over Smokers At Skatepark [14/7/2017]
One man is on a mission to clean up illegal activities surrounding the skate park at Lindo Lake County Park in Lakeside.

Neenah Skatepark Fox Footage #2 [14/7/2017]
Fox reports from the new skatepark in Neenah.

Neenah Skatepark Fox Footage #1 [14/7/2017]
Fox reports from the new skatepark in Neenah.

Neenah Skatepark Upgrades [14/7/2017]
Neenah just finished renovations on its skate park.

Ribbon Cut at New Albany Skatepark [14/7/2017]
Officials gathered in the new 20,000-square foot skate park in early July for a ribbon-cutting celebrating Albanys first foray into creating a professional grade park.

Soil Samples Delay North Ogden Skatepark [14/7/2017]
The citys skate park still sits in pieces near North Ogden Elementary school, but officials there hope the structure is up before summer is over.

Planned Folkestone Skatepark Downsized [14/7/2017]
A unique skate park under construction in Folkestone has had to be downsized due to building costs being double what was first expected.

7Hills Skatepark Expansion [11/7/2017]
The 7Hills Skatepark in Jordan is collecting money to expand the park.

Strandafjorden Skatepark Updates [11/7/2017]
Some new obstacles have been put up at the skatepark in Valdres, and the hole in the miniramp has been fixed.

Formal Request For Skatepark In Nes [10/7/2017]
Nes Rullebrettklubb has made a formal request to include a skatepark in the municipality plan.

Meresey Skatepark Opened [9/7/2017]
Designed by Jim Barnum of Spectrum Skateparks, the new Meresey Skatepark in Liverpool is already gaining a reputation as one of the best skateparks in eastern Canada, and has been getting near constant use since completed.

New Skatepark In Palisade [9/7/2017]
Palisades new 5,000-square-foot concrete skatepark with street features, benches, rails, a quarter-pipe and a bowl, that welcomes beginners as well as more experienced skaters, will surely attract a lot of attention.

Rossland Skatepark Construction [9/7/2017]
Construction of the Rossland Skatepark is underway and is expected to be completed by the fall.

Vandalism Stalls Lynchburg Skatepark Renovation [9/7/2017]
The skateboard park at Amazement Squares construction has been put on hold because the skatepark was vandalized.

Vandals Hit New Castle Skatepark [9/7/2017]
Before it even opened, vandals spray painted graffiti on a ramp at the skate park in New Castle.

Coeur d Alene Moves and Upgrades Skatepark [9/7/2017]
The Coeur d Alene skate park by Memorial Field is being moved to a parking lot north of Best Avenue, and upgraded to make it more fun and safer. They hope the new skate park will be completed by the spring of 2018.

Kick It At Pelhams Skatepark [9/7/2017]
Pelham is helping youth ride into summer with free skateboarding lessons at Isaac Riehl Memorial Skate Park.

Morganton Skatepark Design Plans [9/7/2017]
Morganton is set to start construction of their new skatepark in mid-September, and hope to be done before Christmas. Here are the final design plans.

McKinleyville Selects Skatepark Location [9/7/2017]
During its June 7 meeting the McKinleyville Community Services District selected a 19,000-square-foot area for a skate park in a field just south of the public library at Pierson Park.

Newbury Skatepark Petition [9/7/2017]
More than 400 Kingsclere residents have signed a petition urging the parish council to build a skate park in the village.

Montgomery Skatepark Delays [8/7/2017]
Relocated skate park opening delayed.

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