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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Charlston Skatepark PC Footage [8/3/2017]
The Post and Courier has a video from the new skatepark in Charlston.

Charleston Skatepark First Footage [8/3/2017]
Team Pain breaks in the new Charleston, SC Skate Park.

Rippit Skatepark 3600 Feature [8/3/2017]
3600 has an article about the rebuild at Rippit Actionsportsenter.

The Edge Skatepark 25 Year Anniversary [8/3/2017]
The Edge Skatepark kicked off its 25th anniversary with an event last month.

Aberdeen Skatepark Renovation [8/3/2017]
An Aberdeen skatepark is undergoing a series of work to give it a new lease of life.

Eastons Beach Skatepark Demolished [8/3/2017]
Newport demolished the Eastons Beach Skatepark, but the city does not have immediate plans to rebuild a new facility.

5050 Skatepark Might Close [8/3/2017]
Development threatens the future of Staten Island skatepark.

Stabbing at Carolina Skatepark [6/3/2017]
El Paso Police are investigating the stabbing of a 28-year-old man at a Lower Valley Skate park over the weekend.

Rippit Skatepark Build Video [5/3/2017]
Tom Vesthaug tries out the unfinished skatepark at Rippit Actionsportsenter.

TV Vest at Tasta Skatepark [5/3/2017]
TV Vest did a segment from Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger.

New Jessheim School Gets Skatepark [1/3/2017]
The new school in Jessheim will have some skateable granit.

New Ogden Skatepark Opened [26/2/2017]
The Ogden Skatepark opened to the public Saturday after eight months of construction and thousands of dollars of community support.

Jacsonville Beach Gets Skatepark [26/2/2017]
The new South Beach Skatepark in Jacksonville Beach will be opened to the public on March 17th 2017.

SLO Skatepark 2nd Anniversary [25/2/2017]
The San Luis Obispo Skate Park is celebrating its 2nd anniversary on Saturday.

Charleston Skaters Unhappy With Skatepark Rules [25/2/2017]
Charlestons first major skate park opens next week, but some are not thrilled about its rules.

FDR Skatepark Fire [23/2/2017]
A rubbish fire caused a miniramp to burn down at the iconic FDR Skatepark.

Bryan Skatepark Officially Opened [23/2/2017]
The city of Bryan opened a brand new 17,500-square foot concrete skatepark at Williamson Park.

New Skatepark Ready In Handforth [23/2/2017]
A new skatepark located in Stanley Hall Park in Handforth is now complete, replacing the former skatepark which had deteriorated over the years.

Leesburg Gets New Skatepark [23/2/2017]
The new Eric Brown Skate Plaza at Catoctin Park in Leesburg is currently under construction and is expected to be completed this spring.

An Ordinary Day at Haugenstua Skatepark [20/2/2017]
Join Norwegian skater Geir Myrvang for an ordinary day at Haugenstua Skatepark in Oslo.

The Black Pool at Mount Hawke Skatepark [20/2/2017]
Footage from the first session in the new Black pool at Mount Hawke Skate Park.

Annapurna Skatepark Construction Starts In April [20/2/2017]
Annapurna Skatepark is a Make Life Skate Life project to build a community skatepark in Nepals second largest city, Pokhara.

Sandwiches For Skatepark Lights [20/2/2017]
The Bruncheonette has a new sandwich called the Porks and Rec, and every sandwich sold, $2 will help raise money to set up lights at the skatepark in Joplin.

Betongpark Upgrades Halden Skatepark [17/2/2017]
Betongpark is pimping the pre-fab skatepark in Halden.

Charleston Skatepark Opening [17/2/2017]
The new skatepark in Charleston is being opened 4th and 11th March, 2017.

New Indoor Skatepark In Leicestershire [17/2/2017]
A skatepark has been opened in Loughborough at the headquarters of the Leicestershire Youth Development Project (LYDP).

Rippit Skatepark Expansion [11/2/2017]
The Rippit indoor skatepark in Kongsberg is getting an additonal 800 square meter indoor skatepark next door.

New skatepark at Lyngmyr Ungdomsskole [11/2/2017]
A new skatepark will be ready at Lyngmyr Ungdomsskole in Tvedestrand before the schools start August.

Lten Could Get New Skatepark [11/2/2017]
dalsbruk Velforening wants to build a skatepark near the school, but the neighbours are worried about the noise.

New Bowl at Encounter Skatepark [11/2/2017]
The Encounter Youth Centre in Duluth has added a bowl to their skatepark.

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