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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Team Update: Jon Dickson on Emerica [14/9/2016]
Jon Dicson is the latest addition to the Emerica team.

Team Update: Cliche Pro Paul Hart [14/9/2016]
Paul Hart has turned pro with Cliche Skateboards.

Team Update: Brixton [13/9/2016]
Brixton has wecomed Yaje Popson and Darius King to the team.

Team Update: Wreck Welcomes Oliver Lucero [7/9/2016]
Wreck officially welcomes Olivier (O-liv-ee-ay) Lucero to the team! Climbing the amateur ranks out of Claremont, California, Olivier throws it down on a variety of terrain. From the Santa Monica triple set, to a heavy kink ender, his intro will get you hyped.

Team Update: Adil Dyani tells time with Hugo Boss [31/8/2016]
Adil Dyani is now sponsored by Hugo Boss Orange Line watches.

Phil Josephu on Kape [27/8/2016]
Kape Skateboards has welcomed Phil Josephu to the team.

Team Update: Anti Hero Pro Daan Van Der Linden [17/8/2016]
Daan Van Der Linden has turned pro with Anti Hero Skateboards.

Team Update: Tactics Skate Team [17/8/2016]
Tactics has welcomed Nora Vasconcellos and Alana Smith to the team.

Team Update: HUF Austalia [19/7/2016]
Sammy Winter and Huf introduce the Australian crew with this Australian Dirt Bags video.

Team Update: The Pabich Bros For Bronson Speed Co [10/7/2016]
Roman Pabich and Cedric Pabich have been on an absolute tear. From backyard pools, to vert, Cedric and Roman are all over it. Hang on for the ride kids.

Team Update: Mystery Skateboards [1/7/2016]
Mystery Skateboards has welcomed Moose and Shmatty to the family.

Team Update: Diamond Footwear [1/7/2016]
Diamond Footwear has added Boo Johnson and Jamie Foy to the team.

Team Update: Adidas [14/5/2016]
Daewon Song and Marc Johnson Now Skate for adidas.

Team Update: Expedition [14/5/2016]
Expediton has now lost three pros and one am in 2016.

Team Update: Chase Webb on Pizza [5/5/2016]
Chase catapults himself into deep ditches and onto ridiculous rails, devouring kinks, and living to tell. Heavy part. Have a look...

Team Update: New WarCo Pros [28/4/2016]
Jordan Maxham, Collin Hale and Daniel Knapp has turned pro with WarCo Skateboards.

Team Update: New Unabomber Pros [20/4/2016]
Unabomber skateboards have seen fit to promote Will Golding and Eric Thomas to the pro ranks.

Team Update: Primtive [4/4/2016]
Primitive has welcomed Trent McClung and Diego Najera to the team.

Team Update: New Santa Cruz Ams [30/3/2016]
Santa Cruz Skateboards is proud to welcome Kevin Braun, Dylan Williams and Erick Winkowski to the Am team. Filmed over the last few months, each one of these guys brings their own unique outlook on skating to the team. Also featuring Santa Cruz Ams Mikey Curtis and Blake Johnson. We hope you enjoy.

Team Update: Lakai [18/3/2016]
JB Gillet and Nick Jensen are off the Lakai team, and might be goint to Nike SB.

Team Update: Monkey Skateboards [22/2/2016]
Monkey Skateboards has welcomed Owen Hernandez, Argenis Salim, Carlos Suarez and Antonio Diaz to the team.

Team Update: Vol 4 [31/1/2016]
Volume 4 has welcomed Brian Hansen and Jon Dickson to the team.

Team Updates [15/1/2016]
Rob Dyrdek is off DC, Chad Muska is off Element and Boo Jonson is no longer on Mountain Dew.

Team Update: DVS [7/1/2016]
Torey Pudwill, Paul Shier, Marty Murawski and Flo Mirtain are no longer on DVS.

Team Update: HUF Quality Footwear [29/12/2015]
Dick Rizzo, Matt Gottwig and Jake Anderson is now on HUF Quality Footwear.

Team Update: Quasi Skateboards [22/12/2015]
Dick Rizzo and Josh Wilson have been added to the Quasi Skateboards team.

Team Update: Clase Skateboards [19/12/2015]
Mexican company Clase Skateboards has welcomed Ronald Gonzales, Alex Lozano and Diego Rodriguez to the team this month.

Team Update: SOVRN [12/12/2015]
SOVRN has added some new riders to the team lately.

Team Update: Dickies [12/12/2015]
Dickies has welcomed Jake Johnson, Auby Taylor and Jake Hayes to the team.

Team Update: Organika Skateboards [4/12/2015]
Walker Ryan and Miles Silvas have both announced their departure from Organika Skateboards.

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