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Skater is a skateboard game by Frosch Media.

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Skateline 31-01-2017 [2/2/2017]
Marc Johnson Board Sponsor, Man Ramp, Blind Skateboarder Dan Mancina, DMX.

EA Is Not Making Skate 4 [2/2/2017]
According to CEO Andrew Wilson, EA is not presently making Skate 4.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Documentary [2/2/2017]
According to a recent Tweet from Tony Hawk, a THPS documentary is in the works.

Tony Hawk Is Working On A New Game [2/2/2017]
In his Jenkem interview last month Tony Hawk confirmed that he is working on a new game.

Skate 4? [1/31/2017]
A Twitter post from Daniel Lingen with the hashtag Skate4 has lead to a massive speculation that Skate 4 is coming.

Skate Lines 2 Rebranded Skate City [1/27/2017]
Agens have announced that they have rebranded Skate Lines 2 as Skate City, and are co-developing the game with Altos Adventure developer Built By Snowman.

Skate 3 on EA Access [1/23/2017]
EA has announced that Skate 3 will be available for EA Access subscribers.

The Oral History of Tony Hawks Pro Skater [1/17/2017]
Jenkem Mag tracked down some ex-Neversoft guys and the Hawkman himself to find out how the games came about, why they were so lucrative, and where they are today.

Tinnell Skatepark on True Skate [10/5/2016]
The Patrick Tinnell Memorial Skate Park level for True Skate is now available as downloadable content from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Skate 3 To Xbox One [8/23/2016]
Skate 3 is the next game to make the leap to Xbox One, as part of Microsofts backwards compatibility program for current gen.