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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Event List 2008

19-01-2008The Bright TradeshowFrankfurt
20-01-2008The Bright TradeshowFrankfurt
07-02-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
14-02-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
28-02-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
06-03-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
13-03-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
27-03-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
03-04-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
10-04-2008Nstedhallen SkateskoleDrammen
09-08-2008Skateboard NM 2008 [saturday]Stavanger
10-08-2008Skateboard NM 2008 [sunday]Stavanger
08-08-2008Skateboard NM 2008 [friday]Stavanger
07-06-2008Hundvg Open 2008Stavanger
27-02-2008Skate or DieDrammen
26-04-2008Trikkestallen Spring Cup 2008Trondheim
16-08-2008Bernhard Sports Invitational 2008Oslo
22-03-2008Adio Easter Parade 2008Copenhagen
07-03-2008Millencolin Open 2008Orebro
08-03-2008Millencolin Open 2008Orebro
20-04-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders PortugalPortugalLisboa
26-04-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders FranceParis
01-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders AustriaVienna
03-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders BelgiumBelgiumKortrijk
10-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders Czech RepublicPrague
17-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders GermanyHagen
24-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders SwitzerlandSwitzerlandLausanne
31-05-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders EnglandLondon
02-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders ItalyMilan
07-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders SpainLeioa
07-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders NorwayHorten
12-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders SwedenMalm
13-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders FinalsMalm
14-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders FinalsMalm
15-06-2008Quicksilver Bowlriders FinalsMalm
24-05-2008S Game of Skate 2008Bekkestua
22-08-2008Kanalsession 2008Horten
23-08-2008Kanalsession 2008Horten
24-08-2008Kanalsession 2008Horten
30-08-2008Skyensen Open 2008Oslo
14-06-2008Nordic X-Elements 2008Oslo
11-04-2008Shit 2008 Collection PartyOslo
25-04-2008X-Games BrazilSao Paulo
26-04-2008X-Games BrazilSao Paulo
27-04-2008X-Games BrazilSao Paulo
19-04-2008War of the TistlesAberdeen
20-04-2008War of the TistlesAberdeen
30-04-2008Asian X-Games 2008ChinaShanghai
01-05-2008Asian X-Games 2008ChinaShanghai
02-05-2008Asian X-Games 2008ChinaShanghai
03-05-2008Asian X-Games 2008ChinaShanghai
04-07-2008Mystic Skate Cup 2008Prague
05-07-2008Mystic Skate Cup 2008Prague
06-07-2008Mystic Skate Cup 2008Prague
10-07-2008Maloof Money Cup 2008Costa Mesa
11-07-2008Maloof Money Cup 2008Costa Mesa
12-07-2008Maloof Money Cup 2008Costa Mesa
13-07-2008Maloof Money Cup 2008Costa Mesa
12-04-2008Porsgrunn: Stiftelsesmte + ContestPorsgrunn
07-04-2008DC curb challenge KristiansandKristiansand
08-04-2008DC curb challenge StavangerStavanger
09-04-2008DC curb challenge HaugesundHaugesund
10-04-2008DC curb challenge BergenBergen
14-04-2008DC curb challenge LarvikLarvik
15-04-2008DC curb challenge ArendalArendal
16-04-2008DC curb challenge PorsgrunnPorsgrunn
22-04-2008DC curb challenge SarpsborgSarpsborg
23-04-2008DC curb challenge TrondheimTrondheim
28-04-2008DC curb challenge KongsbergKongsberg
30-04-2008DC curb challenge DrammenDrammen
03-05-2008DC curb challenge HamarHamar
13-05-2008DC curb challenge StrmmenStrmmen
14-05-2008DC curb challenge TnsbergTnsberg
15-05-2008DC curb challenge LrenskogLrenskog
16-04-2008Vervekampanje Stavanger SkateboardklubbStavanger
03-05-2008S Game of Skate 2008 QualificationANY
01-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Stavanger
02-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Kristiansand
03-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Porsgrunn
03-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Larvik
04-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Bekkestua
05-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Trondheim
07-05-2008Emerica Road Trip 2008Bergen
26-04-2008Mucho Rabaldo MegazoneOslo
29-04-2008Geoparken Stavanger OpeningStavanger
10-05-2008Sandefjord GrillsessionOslo
02-05-2008Srlandets Btmesse 2008Arendal
24-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 DenmarkAalborg
24-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 SpainMadrid
25-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 PortugalPortugalLisbon
31-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 GreeceGreeceHalkida
01-06-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 ItalyMilano
21-06-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 GermanyPlauen
28-06-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 AustriaWrgl
09-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 FinlandHelsinki
24-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 SwitzerlandSwitzerlandBienne
30-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 UKSkegness
30-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 Czech RepublicPrague
31-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 BelgiumBelgiumWevelgem
31-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 NetherlandsEindhoven
06-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 EstoniaTallinn
06-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 DenmarkCopenhagen
13-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 FranceChelles
20-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 SwedenMalm
20-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 NorwayTrondheim
04-10-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 European FinaleAmsterdam
18-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 JapanChiba
11-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 IndonesiaIndonesiaJakarta
18-10-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 ChampionshipsPeoria
10-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 UtahAmerican Fork City
18-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 TexasHouston
24-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 Costa RicaSan Jose
31-05-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 ArizonaPeoria
14-06-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 North CarolinaRaleigh
28-06-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 ColoradoDenver
05-07-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 British ColumbiaVancouver
13-07-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 MinnesotaMinneapolis
26-07-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 OregonPortland
02-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 OntarioOttawa
10-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 MassachusettsTaunton
23-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 New JerseySayreville
30-08-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 AlbertaCalgary
07-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 GeorgiaAtlanta
20-09-2008Wild in the Parks 2008 FloridaJacksonville
01-06-2008 Kongen p Haugen Oslo
05-09-2008Koigen Open 2008Hamar
06-09-2008Koigen Open 2008Hamar
07-09-2008Koigen Open 2008Hamar
08-05-2008Moa Grillsessionlesund
21-06-2008DVS Open SessionOslo
14-05-2008Waschera-Tacky Best Trick SessionBekkestua
24-06-2008Voss OpenVossevangen
24-05-2008Mucho Rabaldo Line ChallengeOslo
07-06-2008MEWE Miniramp ChallengeOslo
24-05-2008Turbofjla Vrrull 08Flateby
28-05-2008Swag Summer Tour 2008Bod
01-06-2008Swag Summer Tour 2008Bergen
03-06-2008Swag Summer Tour 2008Kristiansand
05-06-2008Swag Summer Tour 2008Skien
07-06-2008Swag Summer Tour 2008Oslo
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 LarvikLarvik
31-05-2008Longing for Life 2 Release PartyOslo
21-06-2008Resisting a rest - GSF ReopeningOslo
30-05-2008Trnsen SommeravslutningOslo
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 KristiansandKristiansand
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 StavangerStavanger
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 TrondheimTrondheim
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 BergenBergen
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 FredrikstadFredrikstad
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 FagernesFagernes
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 OsloOslo
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 BodBod
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 SkienSkien
21-06-2008Wild in the Streets 2008 TromsTroms
31-05-2008Vert NM 2008 QualificationStrmmen
31-05-2008K-Town Demo / Best TrickOslo
21-06-2008DVS Autograph SigningOslo
13-06-2008Session Demo FykaAsker
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 OsloOslo
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 StrmmenStrmmen
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 FredrikstadFredrikstad
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 SarpsborgSarpsborg
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 TrondheimTrondheim
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 HaugesundHaugesund
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 KristiansandKristiansand
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 SkienSkien
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 SandnesSandnes
18-06-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 BergenBergen
06-09-2008Krux Kickflip Challenge 2008 Finale NorwayOslo
18-06-2008Krux Kicflip Challenge 2008 StavangerStavanger
20-06-2008DC Curb Challenge FinaleOslo
28-06-2008Best Trick ContestBergen
02-07-2008[cancelled] Quart GamesKristiansand
03-07-2008[cancelled] Quart GamesKristiansand
04-07-2008[cancelled] Quart GamesKristiansand
13-07-2008DC Session RdhusplassenOslo
14-07-2008DC Session GSFOslo
19-07-2008Holla Rips 2008 - POSTPONEDUlefoss
26-07-2008Holla Rips 2008Ulefoss
26-07-2008Globe Demo OsloOslo
26-07-2008Alamo Miniramp JamOslo
13-09-2008GSF Rock n BowlOslo
21-08-2008Swag Kolbotn OpeningKolbotn
15-08-2008BSI 2008 WildcardsOslo
14-08-2008Swag and DC at SandvikaSandvika
21-08-2008Hot Moves and Hot DogsOslo
22-08-2008Vox Night SessionBekkestua
22-08-2008Vox After School BBQLarvik
26-09-2008Haugenstua ReopeningOslo
10-09-2008Hakadal Skatepark OpeningHakadal
14-09-2008FlatCity Open 2008Flateby
14-09-2008Pepsi Max Mucho RabaldoBekkestua
26-09-2008Ride the Sky TrondheimTrondheim
26-09-2008Ride the Sky BergenBergen
26-09-2008Ride the Sky StavangerStavanger
26-09-2008Ride the Sky BekkestuaBekkestua
27-09-2008Ride the Sky OsloOslo
02-10-2008DC 10 P Hall TourBergen
03-10-2008DC 10 P Hall TourTrondheim
04-10-2008DC 10 P Hall TourBod
30-08-2008Tryvann Longboard Challenge 2008Oslo
06-09-2008Loddefjord Open 2008Loddefjord
15-10-2008Street Contest SkienSkien
18-10-2008Learn to sk8 Day StavangerStavanger
15-10-2008Nstedhallen Open DayDrammen
31-10-2008Shit Halloween SkateStavanger
16-10-2008Notes PremiereTrondheim
11-10-2008Swag Mercur ReopeningTrondheim
24-10-2008Roxy/Quicksilver Megastore OpeningOslo
13-09-2008Session-Globe Skate ContestSkien
14-09-2008Session-Globe Skate Contest NybyenKristiansand
24-10-2008Badlands SkatejamTroms
26-10-2008Mucho Rabaldo NstedhallenOslo
23-10-200850-50 Contest FlyahallenTroms
15-11-2008Arena Bekkestua Hst Bust 2008Bekkestua
29-10-2008Spektra Premiere OsloOslo
17-10-2008Rumble in RamonaRamona
18-10-2008Rumble in RamonaRamona
12-12-2008 Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008 Trondheim
13-12-2008 Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008 Trondheim
14-12-2008 Trikkestallen X-Mas Jam 2008 Trondheim
31-10-2008Glexe Halloween SkateB
31-10-2008Harstad SkateboardklubbHarstad
15-11-2008Quicksilver Vert InvitationalStockholm
12-12-2008Lucia Classics 2008Stockholm
13-12-2008Lucia Classics 2008Stockholm
16-11-2008Shit SBTC Tour 2008Fredrikstad
13-11-2008Shit SBTC Tour 2008Larvik
13-11-2008Swag Ski StorsenterSki
05-11-2008Swag Jessheim StorsenterJessheim
30-10-2008Swag TromsTroms
28-11-2008Shit SBTC Tour 2008kra
27-11-2008Shit SBTC Tour 2008Bergen
22-11-2008Memory LaneOslo
13-12-2008Blue Lagoon Bowl BattleGteborg
07-12-2008Larvik Skateboard ContestLarvik
15-12-2008 Bod Skatehall Opening Bod
30-08-2008Sandvika Miniramp JamSandvika
26-01-2008Vert Attack IIMalm
10-07-2008Vision Skate CampKristiansand
11-07-2008Vision Skate CampKristiansand