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Randomz is a Norwegian skateboard movie presented by The Justme Website.

Also known as: The Justme Movie [working title]


Randomz features a look back at random session footage by the Justme skate team and friends from 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Full Parts:

Full parts listed in order of apperance

Bjrn Terje Gulbrandsen
Freddy Kjernet
Tommy Jrgensen
Henry Jeries Calmeyer
Christopher Alstermo
Audun Mehl

Friends Part:

Joachim Lindstl
Alex Holm
Roy Lsnss
Nico Grn
Atle Hansen
Kjetil Krogvoll
Erik Thommesen
Noah Williams
Eirin Aaseth
Robin Asserson
Lars Andreas Bckmann
Lolo Stani Kamanzi
David Jedda
Antoman Ask
William Wallentin
Karsten Kleppan
Lars Monsen
Espen Red Kristoffersen

Vert Friends Part:

Erik Thommesen
Espen Red Kristoffersen
William Wallentin
Jan Thore Nilsen
Jim Ramos
Kyrre Riksen
Adil Dyani


The movie features music by Norwegian bands.

Tomorrow Calling - Sweden
Rude Satan - At Least We Have A Band
Over My Head - Master Piece Of Cake
Blood and Black Lace - Hjallarhorn
F-Word - Yo Yo Acapulco
Its Okay - McDolly
Beast Divine - Hjallarhorn
Stemmer i Hodet - Folkefiender
Punk as Fuck - Firos Orchestra
Motherfucker - Inbetweens

Filmed By:

Tommy Jrgensen
Eileen Wikery Pettersen
Christopher Alstermo
Kjetil Krogvoll
Alex Holm


Canon XM2
GoPro HD Hero
Nokia N8
Samsung Galaxy


Tommy Jrgensen

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Join us for a trip down memory lane this weekend, as we have a look back at some random session footage from 2010, 2011 and 2012.


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Old Boys NM 2014 Results and Footage [1/7/2014]
Here are results, footage and a short recap of the Norwegian old boys vert and bowl championships held at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo on Go Skateboarding Day.