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Camp Vierli Hotel is a skate hotel in Norway.

Also known as: Vierli Skatepark / Vierli Indoor Skatepark / Rauland Skatepark / Rauland Indoor Skatepark

Outdoor Skatepark

The outdoor skatepark was built by Verkty i Lufa, and opened in 2012. Miniramp, banks, pyramid, stairs, ledges, rails, volcano and quarterpipes. [1]

Indoor Skatepark:

The indoor skatepark opened in 2011. Miniramp, bank, quarterpipe, boxes and manualpad.


1] Spotcheck: Camp Vierli Outdoor Skatpark 2012
2] Camp Vierli Indoor Park Opening Footage


Rjukanvegen 195, 3864 Rauland, Norway.

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Grenland Skateboardklubb at Camp Vierli Footage [15/7/2018]
Grenland Skateboardklubb visited Camp Vierli in June 2018.

Vierli 2018 Week 27 2018 Footage [12/7/2018]
Vierli 2018 Week 27 2018 Footage.

Camp Vierli Week 26 2018 Footage [12/7/2018]
Camp Vierli Session 2018.


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2012: Camp Vierli Skatepark
Element Skatecamp @ Camp Vierli (Uke 32)
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2012: Camp Vierli Skatepark
Element Skatecamp @ Camp Vierli (Uke 29)
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2012: Camp Vierli Skatepark
Alexander Kiserud cruising Camp Vierli
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2014: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Camp Vierli Old Boys Session

2012: Camp Vierli Hotel Skatepark: Show Picture
The outdoor skatepark at Camp Vierli Hotel.

2011: Camp Vierli: Show Picture
Planned indoor skatepark at Camp Vierli.

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2012: Camp Vierli Hotel Skatepark [14/5/2012]