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Makaha Skateboards was an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Makaha Exhibition Team [team name]


Makaha Skateboards was started by Larry Stevenson in 1963.


Initially Larry and his wife Helen worked from their garage, but later Mike Doyle was also involed in developing future board designs.


In December 1963 Larry arranged the first official skateboard contest, in conjunction with the Mid-Winter Surfing Championships in Santa Monica.


The purpose of the National Mid-Winter Skateboard Contest in 1963, was to find skaters to form the Makaha Exhibition Team.

1963 - 1965: Brad "Squeak" Blanck
1963 - 1964: John Fries

The two team riders were then tasked with finding more skaters.

1964 - 19??: Kerry Spencer
1964 - 1964: Brendan "Woody" Woodward
1964 - 19??: George Trafton
1964 - 1964: Danny Bearer
1964 - 19??: Joey Saenz
1964 - 19??: Jim Fitzpatrick
1964 - 19??: Bruce Logan
1964 - 19??: Scott Archer
1964 - 19??: Gregg Carroll
1964 - 19??: Danny Schaefer
1964 - 1964: Davey Hilton
1964 - 1964: Steve Hilton

Phil Edwards and Mike Hynson were not on the team, but endorsed the brand.

In 1968 the second generation Makaha team was put together to promote the kicktail and double kicktail skateboards.

1968 - 19??: Mike Purpus
1968 - 19??: Ty Page
1968 - 19??: Bruce Logan
1968 - 19??: Rusty Henderson
1968 - 19??: Brad Logan

In the 1970s Larry and Bruce Logan put together the Makaha/Logan Earthski line of boards.

197? - 19??: Bruce Logan
197? - 19??: Brad Logan
197? - 19??: Robin Logan
197? - 19??: Tony Alva
197? - 19??: Jay Adams
197? - 19??: Torger Johnson
197? - 19??: Bob Biniak
197? - 19??: Wentzl Ruml

The Makaha team was the worlds first skateboard exhibition team, and held demos at shopping malls, schools and other locations.

Commander Makaha:

The team leader / captain was refered to as Commander Makaha.

1963 - 19??: Dave Rochlen Commander Makaha
19?? - 19??: Bob Feigel Commander Makaha
19?? - 19??: Jim Ganzer Commander Makaha


In 1964 Makaha team member Jim Fitzpatrick went on a two month promotional tour to 14 European countries, making Makaha Skateboards the first American skateboard company to do a European tour.


The Makaha Phil Edwards model was the first pro model skateboard ever produced.

Check out the Makaha Skateboards Product Archive for more.


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