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2015: The Sour Solution


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Sour Pro Simon Isaksson [24/10/2017]
Simon Isaksson is the latest Sour Skateboards pro.

Hella Dramatic Raw Files [19/4/2017]
The raw footage from the making of Sours Hella Dramatic video.

Sour Hella Dramatic [28/3/2017]
The Sour team comes through and crushes it once again in another amazing edit.


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2016: Tour Videos
Sour and Sk8Mafia European Vacation 2016
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2015: Various
Sour Skateboards | Suckness
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2015: Various
Paral-lel was undoubtedly one of the worlds most emblematic spots. The yellow ground, the benches, the manual pads, all served as the Sour teams second home for years. Now that the old Paral-lel is gone, Sour Skateboards wanted to create a board series and a mixtape paying homage to this legendary spot
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