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Lifeblood Skateboards was an American skateboard company.

Also known as:


Lifeblood Skateboards was started in 2010, by Bryce Kanights and Colin Sharp, out of Portland, Oregon. It was distributed trough Unheard Skate Supply. [1][2]

The company shut down in 2017. [3]


2010 - 2017: Bryce Kanights
2010 - 201?: Kevin Kowalski
2010 - 201?: Johnny Turgesen
2010 - 201?: Frank Faria
2010 - 201?: Mason Huggins
2010 - 201?: Oudalay Philavanh
2010 - 201?: Cody Lockwood
2011 - 201?: Mason Merlino
2011 - 201?: Dalton Dern
2012 - 201?: Mark Scott
2013 - 201?: Josh Rodriguez
201? - 201?: Adam Hopkins
201? - 201?: John Worthington
201? - 201?: Frank Richardson
201? - 201?: Sean Blueitt
201? - 201?: Souta Tomikawa
201? - 201?: Maddie Collins
201? - 201?: Tom 展ally Inouye.


Lifeblood Skateboards released two full length skate videos.

We Must Bleed (2011)
Service For The Sick (2014)

They also released several tour videos.

Midwest World Tour (2011)
Bowling Amongst The Bendites (2015)
Beckoned by Boise (2017)


Lifeblood decks were made by PS Stix. Go to the Lifeblood Skateboards products for more information.


2010: Facebook []
2010: Twitter []
2010: []


Below are the sources referenced in the text. Go to the Lifeblood Skateboards articles for more information.

1] Unheard Announces Lifeblood Added 21-09-2010
2] Colin Sharp Tactics Interview Added 22-01-2013
3] Lifeblood Shuts Down Business Added 09-10-2017

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Lifeblood Shuts Down Business [9/10/2017]
Unheard Distribution has announced that Lifeblood Skateboards made the decision to shut down its current business, and take a hiatus to determine whether to carry forward in the future.

Lifeblood Beckoned by Boise 2017 Tour Footage [16/4/2017]
At the break of spring, Lifeblood Skateboards hit the road east out to Boise to skate with the locals and put on a demo during a #Skatefort afternoon at Rhodes Skatepark. Kevin, Cody, Dalton and Mason unlocked some lines and had a blast. Check it out.

Bowling Amongst The Bendites #1 2015 Tour Footage [29/7/2015]
With the shorter days and wet months of winter in the distant rear view, we hit the road south to Bend for a couple of days to shred some backyard bowls and to blaze around the nearby skatepark in Sisters, Oregon. Lifeblood Skaeboards met up with local resident and Lifeblood rider, Jake Selover and connected with some great people and a dose of the best skate zones that the region has to offer.


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2011: Skateboard Movies
We Must Bleed by Lifeblood Skateboards
Play This Video

2011: Welcome Videos
Lifeblood Skateboards Welcomes Dalton Dern
Play This Video

2011: Various
Lifeblood Ambassador - Scott Koerner
Play This Video


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2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Wade Creek Park Skatepark Opening with Lifeblood Skateboards Poster.

2010: Various: Show Picture
Lifeblood Skateboards Team.

Go Fish:

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Lost Bowl Contest 2015 Results and Footage [6/11/2015]
On Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Red Bull Skateboarding teamed up with Creature & Santa Cruz Skateboards/Indy Trucks/OJ Wheels/Bronson Speed Co. to throw a 21-man invite-only backyard bowl bash at Pat Lowerys legendary Richmond, Virginia Lost Bowl.

Mnt Dew Skatepark Opening Footage [1/7/2011]
A new skatepark opened recently in Lewiston, Idaho. Here is a clip from Lifeblood Skateboards.

Skateboard Catalogs Spring 2011 [28/2/2011]
Many of the skateboard brands has gotten their spring 2011 product catalogs out on the web. Here is a list of links for those interested.

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