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Youness Amrani is a Belgian professional skateboarder.

Also known as:


Youness Amrani was born 1st November 1991, in Hasselt, Belgium.


His stance is goofy.


Youness Amrani turned pro with Almost Skateboards in 2014.

20?? - xxxx: Nike SB
20?? - xxxx: Almost Skateboards
20?? - xxxx: Venture Trucks
20?? - xxxx: Swiss
20?? - xxxx: Mob Grip
20?? - xxxx: Sml Wheels
20?? - xxxx: Helas Caps
20?? - xxxx: Skullcandy Europe
20?? - xxxx: Switch Skate Shop


2014: Bright European Skateboard Awards European skater of the year



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1] Youness Amrani Almost Team Profile Added 24-11-2017

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Youness Amrani. Venture Trucks, Always On The Grind video for his new League Pro Venture Truck.
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Marrakesh Express - Youness Amrani Video Part
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2011: Welcome Videos
Nike SB is proud to announce the newest addition to our world-wide team, Belgiums Youness Amrani! To celebrate Youness officially joining the team, we put together some new skate footage and sat him down for a Q&A in the latest Transmit feature.
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