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Cooper Wilt is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as:


Cooper Wilt was born April 11th, 1982, in San Pedro, California, USA.


His stance is regular.


Cooper Wilt turned pro with Almost in 2006.

2003: Almost
????: Independent
????: Beloe
????: Accel
????: WeSC


2004: Round Three

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Almost A Minute Episode 3 [18/4/2017]
Episode three of Almost a Minute features the Almost team riders out in the streets having some fun.

Trick Tip: Fakie Biggerflip with Cooper Wilt [14/5/2013]
Today Cooper Wilt teaches you how to do Fakie Bigger Flips.

Cooper Wilt On Duffs [9/2/2009]
Cooper Wilt is the latest of the jokers getting shoes from Duff after joining the international team of the growing DuFFS roster.


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2012: Interviews
Almost Skateboards teammates Daewon Song and Cooper Wilt get into a battle of skate trivia whit. See who can recall the most Almost facts and take the win in this HEAD2HEAD.
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2004: Skateboard Parts
Almost Skateboards "Round Three" Cooper Wilt
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2011: Various
Cooper Wilts goofin off iphone clip by Almost Skateboards
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Back in late September, the WeActivist crew took a little gaunt up to Portland to skate some cement in the fine Fall weather of the Northwest.

Duffs Cooper Wilt Signature Model [3/10/2010]
Cooper Wilt has got his own signature model with Duffs, entitled The Pedro. Here is some information on the update.

Team Update: OJ Wheels [24/4/2010]
OJ Skateboard Wheels has added twelve new riders to their team. Here is some information and introductin videos.

Thrasher King of the Road 2004 Results [16/7/2006]
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