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ENR is a construction company that specializes in realizing complex geometries in both wood and concrete.

Also known as:


2012: ヨrkelljunga Skatepark
2012: Nrrebro Miniramp
2012: Limmared Skatepark
2012: Stenungsund Skatepark
2012: Ingared Skatepark
2012: Hgan舖 Skatepark
2012: B Concrete Skatepark
2011: Valby Vandkulturhus Concrete Waterslide

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Copenhagen Gets Concrete Miniramp [28/11/2012]
ENR has finished building a new concrete miniramp in Copenhagen.


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Tricolor Full Video [29/9/2017]
New Balance Numeric presents Tricolor featuring the NB Numeric team with main parts from PJ Ladd, Franky Villani, Flo Mirtain and introducing Brandon Westgate.

Damn Am 2017 NYC Results and Footage [27/9/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Damn Am NYC contest.

GSF Skate Jam 2017 Highlights Footage [20/9/2017]
Here are some highlights from the skate jam held in the gsf bowl.

Chin Ramp Sessions: Young Guns [9/9/2017]
The original Animal Chin Ramp was built, shredded and torn down long before this group of young guns were even born. Never before has a crew this young and talented been able to skate the Animal Chin Ramp and they certainly dont disappoint.

Chin Ramp Sessions: Vert Legends [6/9/2017]
In this edition of Chin Ramp Sessions, a gang of vert legends converge on the freshly rebuilt Animal Chin Ramp at Woodward West and absolutely shut it down.

Concrete Skateparks Raw iPhone Footy [6/9/2017]
Christer Syversen gives you this iPhone edit from various concrete skateparks in Norway.

Millencollin Open 2017 Results [29/8/2017]
Here are the results from this years Millencolin Open in Sweden.

Dew Tour 2017 Long Beach Best of Am Street Footage [23/8/2017]
Dew Tour Long Beach started out with over 50 hungry am street skaters who qualified through the Podium Skate app but in the end it came down to only 12.

Hamina Skatepark Has Opened [20/8/2017]
Suomen Rullalautaliitto visited the new skatepark in Hamina for the official opening.

GSF Skate Jam 2017 Promo Video [18/8/2017]
Here is a promo video for the upcoming GSF Bowl Jam, with some footage from previous bowl jams held at the skatepark. Be there on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

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2017: GSF Skate Jam [22/9/2017]

2017: GSF Skate Jam [17/9/2017]

2017: GSF Skate Jam [17/9/2017]

2017: GSF Skate Jam [17/9/2017]

2017: GSF Skate Jam [17/9/2017]

2016: GSF Skatepark [26/9/2016]

2016: GSF Skatepark [26/9/2016]

2016: Melafestivalen [21/8/2016]

2016: Melafestivalen [21/8/2016]

2014: NORB NM Senior Bowl [4/8/2014]