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Larvik Skateboard Klubb is a skateboard organisation in Larvik, Norway.

Also known as: Larvik Skateboard Klubb


Larvik Skateboardklubb was formed in 2010. It is lead by Stig Rune Anvik.


The organisation has realised several skateparks in Larvik.

2010: Mnejordet Skatepark
2010: Alfredhallen Skatepark


2010 - xxxx: Facebook
2010 - xxxx:


The organisation was preceeded by Stavern og Larvik Skateboardklubb.


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Larvik Indoor Skatepark Gets Heating Next Winter [26/5/2017]
Larvik Skateboardklubb got 56.625 NOK from Sparebankstiftelsen DnB to heat up the inddor skatepark next winter.

Hashtag Moove in Larvik 2017 [16/2/2017]
Studio Nille and Larvik Skateboardklubb invites to a dance and skate show at Larvik Skatehall 1-2 April 2017.

Vinterferie Skate Time in Larvik [16/2/2017]
A skate time session for kids is being held at the indoor skatepark in Larvik 20th Feburary 2017.


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2017: Various: Show Picture
Stig with the donation from DnB. Photo by Mamas Skateshop.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Hashtag Move Event Poster.

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Larvik Skate Time Poster.

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Larvik Indoor Skatepark Pending Fire Approval [25/3/2016]
The indoor skatepark in Larvik has been closed pending upgrades nesseseary for fire safty approval, so the new indoor bowl might not be available until May.