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Swag store in Ski, Norway.

Also known as:


Ski Storsenter, Jernbanesvingen 6, 1400 Ski, Norway.

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Swag Gets Resurrected [5/11/2012]
Goldi Singh has bought Swag and is reopening the stores with the old employees.

Swag Goes Out Of Business [31/10/2012]
Swag has gone bancrupt and closed all 13 stores. Here is some information.

Bernhard Skate School Tour 2011 Fall [7/9/2011]
Bernhard Sports has started another round of skateboard schools. Here is the information.


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2011: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bernhard Skate Schools Fall 2011 Event Flyer.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Bernhard Sports Skate School Event Flyer.

2010: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Monsoon Tour 2010 Event Flyer.

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Enjoi Highest Ollie 2011 [11/5/2011]
Enjoi offers a trip to California for the winner of this years summers Norwegian highest ollie contest. Here is some information.

The Sk8mafia Video Norway Premier [3/6/2009]
Swag brings you the Norwegian premier of the new Sk8mafia Video, with events in eight Swag stores across the country this thursday. Here is the information.

Skateboarding Events Norway 2008 [4/1/2009]
Here is a cronological overview of the past years norwegian skateboard events month by month, including info, pictures, videos and contest results.

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