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Cyclone Distribution was a Norwegian distribution company.

Also known as: Cyclone Distribution AS


リstre Akervei 90, Oslo, Norway.


xxxx: DC Shoes
xxxx: Lakai Footwear
xxxx: Matix
xxxx: DVS Shoe Company


xxxx: Jrn Wilhelm Marki [56.70% trough Marki Agencies AS]
xxxx: Gudmund Karl Valle [28.30% trough AS GKV]
xxxx: Frode Valle [15% trough Valle Consulting AS]



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Cyclone Reboot [2/7/2015]
The Norwegian distribution company Cyclone has been rebooted after their recent bankrupcy.

Cyclone Distribution Bancrupcy [24/5/2015]
Cyclone Distribution has been declared bankrupt.

Marcus Shaw on Lakai [15/1/2012]
Marcus Shaw is now wearing Lakai Footwear. Here is some information.


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2011: Welcome Videos
16 蚌ige Ole Christian Hagen fra Kongsberg er nyeste teamkjrer p DC.
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2010: Cyclone Miniramp
Cyclone: Noen sessions p jobben med Michael, JT, Carl, Henning, Stian og Mads!
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New Norwegian DC Shoes Team [4/8/2015]
The Norwegian DC Shoes is back again with a new team lineup.

Swag Goes Out Of Business [31/10/2012]
Swag has gone bancrupt and closed all 13 stores. Here is some information.

Fyka Skatejam September 2010 [9/9/2010]
Another Skatejam event is being held at Fyka Skatepark in Asker this weekend. Here is some information about the event.

DC Norway/Session Demos 2010 [21/3/2010]
The Norwegian DC and Session teams are doing a small tour this summer. Here is some information and the schedule of events.

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