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Aaron Suski is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:


Aaron Suski was born 21st March 1975, in Cuddebackville, New York, but moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1994.


He started skating in his driveway and basement. His first setup was an Enjoy Jeff Grosso, Indys, SS Radials and Swiss Bearings. His stance is regular.


He got his first sponsor at the age of 19, and turned pro around 24-25 years old.

2006: Zoo York
2004: Birdhouse Skateboards
2000: Emerica
1999: Volcom
xxxx: Independent Trucks
xxxx: Starr Skateshop
1996: 5boro Skateboards
1995: New Deal
1994: Brooklyn boards
1993: Tri-State


2010: Stay Gold
2003: This is Skateboarding [Emerica]


He went to Buffalo State for two semesters, right after graduating high school in 93 or 94.

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Emerica Presents: The Jinx Suski. Available now!
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5&5 with Aaron Suski
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2011: Various
Aaron Suski Emerica Stay Gold B-Side
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The Jinx Suski Advertisment

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