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Skate Fight Club is a Norwegian skatepark builder.

Also known as:


Hausmania Kulturhus, Oslo, Norway

Build History:

2012: Hausmania Bowl
2012: Svelvik Skatepark
2013: Rullaren Skatehall
2015: Vry Skatepark



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Fagersta Skatepark Completed [31/10/2016]
Bryggeriet Bygg has finished the new skatepark in Fagersta, Sweden.

SFC Builds Skatepark In Fagersta [17/8/2016]
Skate Fight Club has joined the building of a skate bowl at Grondalsparken in Fagersta, Sweden.

Spotcheck: Vry Skatepark July 2016 [26/7/2016]
Skate Fight Club has finished the upgrades at Vry Skatepark in Lofoten. Here are some pictures.


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Go Fish:

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Lights at Vry Skatepark [17/11/2015]
Lights have been installed at the new Vry Skatepark in Lofoten.

Popular Skatepark in Lofoten [15/11/2015]
Users are enthusiastic about the new skatepark at Vry in Lofoten.

Spotcheck: Hausmania Miniramp June 2010 [7/7/2010]
A small DIY miniramp has been set up outside Skate Fight Club in Oslo. Justme stopped by in June to check it out.

Holla Gets Ready For Horror [1/5/2010]
The skatepark in Ulefoss is being upgraded for the Horror at Holla event this weekend. Here is some information and pictures.

Skate Fight Club Update [19/1/2010]
In November the skatepark at Hausmania in Oslo was closed by the city council. Here is some information on whats happening.

Bekkestua Hst Bust 2009 [13/11/2009]
The Hst Bust 2 all weekend event kicks off at Arena Bekkestua today. Here is an overview of whats happening and where!

Alamo Movie Premier [6/11/2009]
The Alamo skateboard team and their friends has gathered some footage and put together a small film. Join them for the premier in Oslo this saturday.

Hesh Law Premier Oslo [6/11/2009]
The new Creature movie Hesh Law is premiering in Oslo this month. Here is some information on the happening.

Antiz Oldies Goldies Session 2009 Footage [14/8/2009]
Last month the Antiz team hosted an open session at Hausmania in Oslo, Norway. Here is some photage from the event.

Antiz Oldies Goldies Session [22/7/2009]
Anitz Skateboards inivites to an Oldies Goldies session at Hausmania with the Antiz team. Here is some information about the event.