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Jon Harald Aspheim is a skateboarder from Ulefoss, Norway.

Also known as: JHA / Mr Oldschool


Jon Harald Aspheim was born 20th january 1989.


He started skating in 2004, after his brother pushed him into it. His stance is goofy.


2011: 02 - NORB NM Senior Vert
2011: 09 - NORB NM Senior Bowl
2010: 08 - NORB NM Bowl Senior
2010: 08 - NORB NM Vert
2010: 02 - Lundedalen Natt Til Frste Mai Miniramp Senior
2008: 52 - NORB NM Street Senior
2008: 12 - NORB NM Miniramp Senior
2008: 01 - Holla Rips Vert Ramp
2008: 03 - Holla Rips Miniramp
2008: 04 - Fjlfst Senior Bowl
2008: 01 - [sweden contest] Best Old School
2008: 01 - Sandefjord Street Contest
2007: 01 - Holla Rips Vert Ramp
2007: 03 - Holla Rips Miniramp
2007: 04 - Natt til 1 Mai Skate Miniramp
2007: 02 - Shit Skate Camp Bowl Senior
2007: 11 - NORB NM Senior Vert
2007: 15 - NORB NM Senior Miniramp
2007: 66 - NORB NM Senior Street
2007: 13 - Shit Best Trick Larvik
2007: 02 - Globe Demo Tour B Best Trick
2007: 01 - Swag Miniramp Skien
2006: 02 - Opening Drangedal Skatepark Street
2006: 17 - Shit Best Trick Contest Tnsberg
2006: 07 - GSD Porsgrunn S.K.A.T.E
2006: 07 - Kanalsession Vert Ramp [shared]
2006: 03 - Shit Skate Camp Bowl 16-17
2005: 03 - Demo Lunde Ungdomsskole Best Trick
2005: 03 - Demo B Senteret Best Trick
2005: 04 - Demo B Miniramp Best Trick
2005: 43 - Kanalsession Street


2010: Roughneck Hardware
2010: The Justme Website
2008: Vision Street Wear


Jon Harald Aspheim has built several ramps in Norway.

2012: Herre Miniramp


Jon Harald Aspheim started the annual Holla Rips skateboard contest in Telemark.

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NORB NM 2017 JHA Livestream Footage [16/8/2017]
Jon Harald Aspheims footage from the live stream at the Norwegian skateboard championships.

NORB NM 2017 Justme Highlights Footage [2/8/2017]
Here are some highlights from our visit to NORB NM, the Norwegian skateboard championships, that was held in Oslo, Norway, 27-30 July, 2017.

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2013: Various
JHA 10 years of skateoarding
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2012: B Betongpark
jha morningskateb
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2011: The Ferrics
Fen 9.4.12 Jon Harald Aspheim.
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2011: NORB NM Vert Finals: Show Picture
Jon Harald Aspheim crail slide at the Holla vert ramp during the Norwegian skateboard championships.

2011: NORB NM Vert Finals: Show Picture
Jon Harald Aspheims lien to tail gets captured by Lars Gart at the Holla vert ramp during the Norwegian skateboard championships.

2011: NORB NM Vert: Show Picture
Justme team riders did well at the Norwegian vert championships in Ulefoss. Jon Harald Aspheim got second place in the senior contest, and Henry Calmeyer got third in the junior contest.

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Notodden Skatehall got an early christmas present with the addition of a micro ramp.

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Vert Opens at Notodden Skatepark [28/10/2016]
The new vert ramp at Notodden Skatepark is nearing completing, and will be officially opened on Saturday 12th November 2016.

NORB NM 2016 Roadshow Instagram Footage [9/8/2016]
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