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Girl Skateboards is a Torrance, California based skateboarding company.

Also known as:


2009: Cory Kennedy
???? - 2013: Brian Anderson
xxxx: Mike Carroll
xxxx: Rick Howard
xxxx: Eric Koston
xxxx: Alex Olson
xxxx: Sean Malto
xxxx: Mike Mo Capaldi
xxxx: Guy Mariano
xxxx: Rick McCrank
xxxx: Jeron Wilson
xxxx: Brandon Biebel
xxxx: Michael Fanning
xxxx: Chris Lynch


2008: Beauty and the Beast
2008: Yanks On Planks
2006: Yes We CANada
2005: Oi Meets Girl
2003: Yeah Right
2003: Harsh Euro Barge
1996: Mouse
1993: Goldfish


2004: 02 - Thrasher King of the Road


Their primary product is professionally endorsed skateboard decks. They also make shirts, hats, skateboard wheels, hoodies, trousers, bearings, belts, wallets, skateboarding films and many other accessories.


1993: Girl Skateboards started by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore, and Spike Jonze.

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Tour Footage: Dont Mess With Girl [11/6/2018]
The Girl squadron trekked out to Texas, shredding ditches and abandoned buildings en route to the Death Match in Austin. Hell, even McCrankers made the trip!

Girl When Nature Calls Video [25/8/2017]
This crew of legends and new blood can skate both gigantic cement pits and raw streets. You cant go wrong with an edit from Girl.

Andrew Brophy on Girl [26/3/2017]
Andrew Brophy has been welcomed to Girl Skateboards.


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2013: Various
On September 14th, 2013 we had the amazing opportunity to host the 20 Years Of Girl art exhibit in the Extension Gallery at our Allston shop, with special guests Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and Ben Colen in attendance. Along with the art show, we teamed up to release a collaboration project with Girl Skateboards that consists of a board, tee shirt, and DVD mixtape of some of our favorite Girl parts from the last 20 years. The capsule is available in both of our Boston locations and online at Check this video of the opening reception by Michael Chew.
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2013: Interviews
For the cover story of the brand new Route One Magazine they were invited to Crailtap HQ in California to sit down with skateboard legends Rick Howard & Mike Carroll for an in-depth interview, as part of Girl Skateboards 20th anniversary celebrations. Covering topics including how the company came about to what they think of the latest generation making moves into companies of their own, this is must see viewing.
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2013: Various
Girl Skateboards Celebrates 20 Years
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2015: Various: Show Picture
Mariano and Koston leaves girl Instagram post.

2008: Advertisments: Show Picture
Girl x Antihero Series

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Cory Kennedy pro with Girl

Go Fish:

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Alex Olsson To Start Own Company [31/8/2013]
Alex Olson has left 3D Skateboards to start his own company.

Skateboard Catalogs Spring 2011 [28/2/2011]
Many of the skateboard brands has gotten their spring 2011 product catalogs out on the web. Here is a list of links for those interested.

Koston on Jessup [18/2/2009]
Jessup Griptape has announced the addition of skateboard icon Eric Koston to their pro team. Here is the press release.

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2017: Various [26/3/2017]