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Session store in Akershus, Norway.

Also known as: Session Strmmen AS


Stperiveien 5
2010 Strmmen


Tel: +47 63 80 40 01

Session Skateshops [info]

Session is a norwegian chain of skateshops.


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Session Strmmen Contest May 2014 [8/5/2014]
Jan Henrik Kongstein, Michael Sommer, Hermann Stene og Henning Braaten are holding a skateshow and best trick contest outside Strmmen Storsenter.

Session Strmmen Railjam [29/1/2013]
Session Strmmen is arranging a rail jam event. Here is some information.

Strmmen Rail Jam 2012 [14/12/2012]
Session Strmmen is arranging a railjam tomorrow. Here is some information.


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2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
DC/Session Strmmen Hst Skate

2013: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Session Strmmen Railjam Event Flyer.

2012: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Stmmen Rail Jam Event Flyer.

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DC Curb Challenge 2008 [7/4/2008]
Henning Braaten and Frederic Esnault visits 15 skateshops in april and may, to hold the DC Curb Challenge at your local skateshop.